My parents Corrupted me by Ignorantly making love in front of me till I was 13 – Young Man shares

My parents Corrupted me by Ignorantly making love in front of me till I was 13 – Young Man shares

A Nigerian man (Anonymous) blames his parents for him being corrupt. He shares how they made love in front of him every single day till he was 13.

See his story:

I want to be anonymous please. My parents love and care so much about me but I need to say this and let it out of my mind.

I am the only child(son) of my parents but we were very very poor and wretched. We lived in a one room apartment and I believe that really affected me negatively but am trying now, I am already 25.

As a little boy, I would lie on the floor and watch my parents make love for hours and do all stuffs. I guess they do think I was asleep but I wasn’t actually. Infact on several of the occasion I remember, my mum would throw her pant and it will land on my face.

A time came when I would always look up to the night because I knew I would see a lot. At primary school I was already Imagining a lot, when I get to school I would bend to look under my female teachers desk to see her undies and they won’t even catch me nor understand what I was doing.

In my primary 4, I remember I started playing with the private part of one of my class mate in class and she allowed me. I would go under the table to touch her and no one noticed. At JSS1 I was in a public school already but whenever I come home, I had this young aunty who was our neighbour and she would always come to play with us and lie on our bed half naked. That day I returned from school and saw her in the house, a lot happened but I ended up touching her private part and she enjoyed it so she allowed me continue. Since then, I and that aunty started playing dirty plays.

Actually my first sex was with that aunty when I was in JSS 2. Before then I had touched and fingered many little girls. My parents went on doing stuffs in my front and you can Imagine how it felt, I was already becoming a teenager yet we were in that 1 room and my mum would be moaning. Weird.

Things changed when I was 13, my teachers in school caught me spying on girls in the female toilet at JSS 3. I wanted to see more and satisfy my cravings. A female teacher then came up to also say that a young girl had once reported to her that I touched her private part in class. It was messy so they invited my parents to talk to them before expelling me. It was there I opened up and said everything that had been happening at night.

I was expelled though but I went to another school and had to stay with one of my uncle who lived in a room and parlor. I am better now and getting back to my normal self but its not easy, everything I have seen all those nights do play in my head and turn me on from time to time.

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