My Cousin Defiled me but my Parents are Begging that I Forgive him and close my mouth – Angry Lady shares

An angry Nigerian Lady (Anonymous) in the UK has this story to share

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I want to be anonymous because this is a very sensitive Issue that my parent must not really realize I did share.

I just got to 18 this year 2021 but I have quite some body feature that makes me look like 25 or so.

I and my parents moved to the UK due to the help of this my Uncle, he also helped us secure a Job there and an accommodation. He has done so well for us and we appreciate it but it doesn’t give his son the right to come defile me as if I am a dog or something.

The guy comes around our house a lot, of course as my cousin. But that day, he came and bashed into my room while I was dressing and no one was at home so he grabbed me and defiled me as if I was one cheap harlot. He went none stop for almost 30 minutes and left me lifeless on the bed and ran home.

The Issue now is that my parents are begging me to please forgive him and cover my mouth because If I report him, he will go to Jail and may get stronger punishments’ as an African. My parents are saying my uncle doesn’t deserve such an ill treatment for his kindness.

What this guy did to me has put me in serious pain for days now but Imagine been told by my own parents to keep quiet and forgive him. This is really painful and it really hurts. I just want to pour out my heart and seek advice on what to do.

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