I Cared for her and fed her But She Paid me Back by Snatching My Husband – Woman shares her story

A woman by name Rose has this family story to share.

See her story:

I have been married to my husband for 7 years now, we love each other so much not until something happened that ugly day.

He came home with a colleague of his from the office, she was quite pretty but she was just a colleague of my husband that was what I thought so I took care of her and fed her like a sister.

It happened that she then became close to me and comes to our house as she wills and whenever she comes like that I will be happy my husband colleague is around and so I will cook, feed her well and even buy her drink and then switch on the TV for her to watch and relax.

Sometimes she would come weekends just to see me and have fun with me and my 2 kids. They even call her aunty and play with her so much.

The whole thing scattered after sometime of not seeing her in our house, I then asked my husband where she is and he said she is fine. His answer was suspicious so I asked again that what happened and he said nothing and that she is resting.

It just happened that I came home that day and my husband requested to speak with me in private. It was then he opened up that he and that his colleague had been having a secret affair and he wants to marry her as second wife. I shouted, almost fainted but had to compose myself and fight back. I told him that over my dead body will I allow another wife.

To my greatest surprise, the next day before I even came back he had moved out his belongings and went to live somewhere else with this lady. I regret my life and my foolishness so much, how didn’t I even know that she came to snatch my husband from me. I really wish I can go back and correct my mistake. People can be so wicked and heartless.

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