How my Mum Tried to Poison me at Age 15 Bcos I caught her cheating on my Dad – Lady shares Touching story

See her story:

My name is Adejumoke (not same in picture), I use to stay in Osun state but I am now in Lagos. My mum is a market woman while my dad is a Soldier but he has retired now. I am the last born of a family of 6 children.

About 5 years ago, I caught my mum naked on the bed with another man having s*x. She didn’t know I was to come from school that early, I was not feeling well so the school let me go home. My dad was not even in osun state because as a military man he went here and there but came home often to stay with us.

That day I just opened the door and caught her. I screamed as a young girl na and then she came down from the bed, the man ran out and she started telling me that was her brother. Well, she knew I was not a dullard and that my mouth use to lick so she started saying “ki lo ri” (what did you see), I kept saying I will tell daddy, I will tell daddy.

She begged me that she will buy me cloths, shoes and a new phone. I refused that daddy will hear this thing. That evening she kept malice with me and me sef I didn’t care. She cooked and brought the food for us to eat and then brought mine separately. I wanted to eat alone but my neighbour and childhood friend came in so she joined me to eat. After eating just about 30 minutes later, I and the girl started having serious stomach pain and some blood from our mouth. My mum was not home intentionally and all my seniors were not around too. I struggled to go outside and then someone helped me to the hospital.

My childhood friend was also treated and became fine. My dad had to come meet me in the hospital and I told him everything. My mum too also came but I told the doctor I don’t want to see her. That day my dad locked her up and I heard they disciplined her. He didn’t let the case get to police but he taught her a lesson.

Since then my mum hated me like hell and me sef hated her too. I had to go stay with my aunty and from there came to lagos after my secondary school. I have moved on now but as it stands I dont regard her as a mother but a murderer.

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