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Brutalized Police Wife Wrote- Look At What My Husband Did To Me, Please I need Your Prayers”

LOOK AT WHAT MY HUSBAND DID TO ME, PLEASE I NEED YOUR PRAYER”— Married lady cries out over gross brutality from partner, begs for prayers, help

In another post made, the domestic violent victim identified as Happy Mark said;

“I shall not die before my time, instead they will go down before me. May the Almighty hand rest upon me”

This is coming shortly after the popular gospel singer, “Ekwueme” crooner, Osinachukwu allegedly died of gross brutality from husband who was having an extra marital affair with a strange lady as reports allegedly claim

The man is a police officer, neighbors are scared to interfere because they don’t want to be locked up, this woman is dyeing and needs urgent help, the woman is dyeing”– Neighbors raise alarm, beg public for speedy assistance minutes after wife alert public for prayers, help over gross brutality she is recently undergoing from husband

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IFY Godwin Wrote; Since the death of Osinachi so many women eyes have open to see what their husbands are doing to them. Myself my very early although with 3kids . I left since 10years with my children now Grace have found me my children are all studying abroad to the glory of God almighty. My parents my pastor my church members are all telling me Ify endure I told them until IAM gone woman will maltreat my children. Although my ex collected everything from me my shop my car except my children. Today he is trying to make peace with us.

All these women should love themselves first noooow. How can you have this type of marks on your face and still be talking about praying for him. Leave there first and pray from a distance,

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