Actress, Yetunde Bakare Speaks On How Men Make Money From Ladies Who Sleep With Dogs

Nigerian actress, Yetunde Bakare while reacting to the ongoing trend of ladies who allegedly sleeps with dogs to earn money has hinted at how their sponsors earn money.

The trend was started by a Twitter user who claimed with video evidence that a good number of ladies do sleep with dogs to make money. As the story went viral on social media, people who reacted shared stories and experiences of similar cases, further proving that it may not be a mere claim by the Twitter user.

It was alleged that the ladies involved in it are being sponsored by rich men who would pay to watch them sleep with dogs. It was said that some ladies earn as much as 1.5 to 2 million naira from sleeping with dogs.

Meanwhile, the disturbing act has raised questions about the alleged rich men and how they make money from it. Reacting to the questions, Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo alleged that they don’t make money from it but it’s a thrill for them.

However, Yetunde Bakare in a comment made on Instagram said that the rich men involved in the act do make money from it while revealing that it’s a spiritual act.

According to her, the rich men allegedly take the dogs to witch doctors after they’re done with the ladies. She also backed up her claims by revealing that she knows of a lady who confessed to partaking in the act. She said that the lady in question is in serious pain and she’s also begging for her end.

She wrote;

“I disagree Kemkem! They make money from it. This act is spiritual, they’ll later take the dog to their babalawo and finish work. I have a dying girl’s confession! She’s even the one begging for death because she’s seriously in pain”.

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