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We Have Finally Deleted All The Videos Of My Daughter On The Internet- Father Of Chrisland School Girl Finally Speaks

Chrisland school girl father has allegedly break silent concerning the misconduct of his daughter who was sent to school to learn but rather turned herself into something else.

The father of a 10-year-old female student of Chrisland Schools, reveals that his daughter is not longer using the internet ever since the horrible incident took place.

He explains that since the incident took place the family members decided to withdraw all her access to the internet,

Punch Newspapers had reported that the pupil deleted her videos on her known Likee page where she had over 12400 fans

She was also said to have apologised for her role in the incident on her Tiktok account.

The man noted that is almost two weeks now since his daughter phone or use the internet.

He said since the controversial issue started, the family had deleted no fewer than 87 accounts created by impostors.

The father said, “My daughter has never touched the phone for the past two weeks. She has never touched anything Internet; those accounts are fake and we have deleted them as of Friday, 87 fake accounts. All of them are fake and they are imposters.

“Can a 10-year-old girl delete social media? This child has never touched anything Internet or phone. She doesn’t have an account on (Likee). The account was closed as soon as we found out. These people (school) hid this thing for the past one month, we found out and raise the alarm.

“We are surprised that they started going to pick a child’s picture; like a child will stay in the house and snap a picture and start posting it, so we closed the account.

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