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Reactions As Masquerade Chase Church Members Away, Take Over Burial Rites In AkwaIbom

“Your father was our member not a Christian”— Masquerades declare, chase church members, take over burial rites at Oruk Anam area of Akwa Ibom

Eye witnesses confirmed that the dead man was a known a core traditionalist , story has it that the children were the one that invited church people. he said ”I just love the action of the masquerade group , Christians with their Hitler mindset because that man may be a core traditionalist but when he died his children will go and hire the pastors for burial”. I witnessed one in my village where a core traditionalist died his second son who has a lot of money hired pastors to bury him and caused a problem

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Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, since the man is not a Christian why calling the church to come and bury him when you know he belongs somewhere. That the church perform the burial rites will not make him to go to heaven because there is no repentance in death, since the man didn’t go to church when he is alive calling the church to bury him is medicine after death

The man has been compromising and I’m sure if he’s alive he will come out to lie that he’s not among them but thank God that he can not defend himself now. You that is reading this and you are still like this man, you better repent, you better stand one place, your head is in church but your leg is in idol, repent now and stand one place, death doesn’t knock before coming

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