How my Wife Turned me into a Punching Bag – Shameless man shares

Here is the true story of a man whose wife has been using him as a punching bag. Oseni (not same in picture) said his wife had turned him to a “punching bag’’.

See his story below:

I have tried very hard to provide her needs but she enjoys violence and fight and I am a very gentle man. My father always tell me not to touch a woman that there is a spiritual curse that follows anyone who does so.

This is not my idea of marriage at all. Our continued staying together would not guarantee my security and wellbeing any longer.

My wife was so loving at the beginning but I think she realized that I am a very gentle man so decided to take advantage of it to molest me even in public.

We have 2 children and at times even in front of the kids my wife will be shouting at me and commanding me. I feel I am under a spell or maybe a weakling but I am trying really hard to not beat her back.

Several times she will hold a turning stick and hit my head with it, atimes she will punch and slap me but I have vowed that I will not beat a woman no matter what so I am trying so hard to control myself and not react.

However, as it is now I am not sure I can control it anymore maybe I will just leave the house for her because If I want to retaliate I can kill her. People have called me names like fool, mumu, “okponu” etc. and it’s really painful but my late father really warned me and I was trying to stick to that and avoid that women beater curse

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