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I’m Not A Criminal! Man Withstand Police Officers Who Assaulted And Threatens To Kill Him After Trying To Cause Him Accident (Video)

A yet-to-be-identified Nigerian police officer, has been caught on camera assaulting a civilian, Comrade Ella John.

In a post accompanied by a photo and a video, Comrade Ella said the incident happened around Goshen City on the Keffi-Abuja expressway.

According to him, while on his way from Benue to Abuja, the police officer, driving a hilux tried to overtake him him in a dangerous manner that would have caused him and the other passengers of the vehicle, a fatal accident.

He said he eventually gave way for the officer to overtake him after he got a little space on the highway.

He added that after he gave way and eventually caught up with the officer and sought an explanation for his action, the officer pulled his AK 47 rifle at him, cocked the gun and threatened to pull the trigger and started to harrras him.

He said, “My ordeal with an unprofessional police officer on my way back to Abuja from benue state.

“The hilux try to over take me blowing sirens it was tight for me to give him way and immediately there was space I break for him to overtake the next thing I know is the driver tried to push me off the road hitting my bumper and tried to escape, it would have been a fatal accident but God came through, I step on it and catch up with him around Goshen city keffi Abuja express way.

“I walk to him for an explanation why he drove that way and trying to cause us accident the man pull out the gun crack it and point it at me, and begin to harass me. He broke my phone and when he realized I captured his face he took off.”

Recall that the Nigeria Police Force had in October 2020, disbanded some special units of the force, for harrashment and police brutality against citizens.

Prominent among such units to be disbanded was the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, FSARS.

Watch Video Below:

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