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How Netizens Dig Out Chrisland School Girl Threatening To Expose Friend Who She Claims Slept With Many Boys In Their Class Surfaces

The situation of the youngsters from Chrisland School appears to be far from over, as a new video of the victim has surfaced on social media.

Users on social media have unearthed a new and horrifying video of the Chrisland schoolgirl threatening to expose her pal. Many people have been horrified by the video, and it has sparked a lot of discussion.

Another footage of some Chrisland Schools pupils conversing on a video call has been posted online amid the continuing controversy. During the video conversation, the victim of the Chrisland school brawl could be heard threatening a friend.

The girl who has gone viral over her adult tape was seen threatening to expose her friend who she claims has been having s3x with a lot of boys in their class to her aunty.

The other girl who was at the other side of the video call did not also make any attempt to deny the allegations. She was seen in the video smiling at the claims made by the Chrisland adult tape victim.

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