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Babalola’s Wife was Never a Witch, She Strongly Supported his Ministry – Babalola’s Daughter Narrates

Ayo Babalola’s Wife was Never a Witch, She Strongly Supported his Ministry – Babalola’s Daughter Shares
Apeke Adeniyi is the last child of the great evangelist and God’s general Joseph Ayo Babalola. She has this to share about her mother different from the mindset we use to have about Babalola’s wife.

See her story:

My mother (Babalola’s wife) was never a witch. She brought us up in the way of God. Infact my father (Joseph Ayo Babalola) never had time for us because of the ministry and its well understood but my mother was there for us. She taught us the way of God, she was tough and strict and ensured that we served God to the fullest.

The people who created that rumor may God forgive them, they don’t know what they are saying, am sure they were never even born when my Dad was alive.

Everybody then knew that my mum was a great support just that she was never allowed to minister in any way as she was a woman and the believe then was that women were not to minister were men are sitted. So that was why she did her own ministration on us her children.

My mom will wake us up for prayers every single day. We use to have several period of prayer on daily basis. We use to all pray at 6am, 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm.

Whenever people come to the house to see baba (my father), my mum will welcome them well, cook for them to eat and take care of them very well. We all were witnesses to that.

I guess people may have called her a witch because they were not seeing her going everywhere with him as he goes to minister here and there. You tell me, if they both go here and there who will have brought us up, who would have trained us in the way of God, who would have been at home with us. We would have gone wayward if 2 of them were going up and down together and leave only we children at home.

My mother was also a very prayerful woman and full of the spirit of God as I can remember. She was also a woman of prayer though not like Baba. She could spend hours on her knees praying for all of us and Baba as well and I never for once saw two of them fight or quarrel strongly in the house.

My father’s (Joseph Ayo Babalola) death was because of any witch or whatever people say. It was is time to die. I remember that week he would raise a prayer point in the church that a Big Tree in CAC is about to fall that people should pray. The week he died he was travelling here and there, from Ede to Warri to Lagos, to Ibadan etc. all in week doing programs here and there in one week. That was the week he passed away.

After his death my mother was the one that stood by all of us and ensured that we never went astray. Today I am also serving the lord because my mum never allowed me go astray. She was a great woman.

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