2023: What I said about Igbo presidency — Primate Ayodele

Osho Oluwatosin, the media aide to the Founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has clarified a statement credited to the prophet concerning Igbo presidency in 2023.

The man of God had stated that the South East should ordinarily produce the next president of Nigeria in 2023.

He said this was considering the fact that other zones have produced the president.

Ayodele went further by saying the grand children of Igbo leaders will curse them if they fail to realise igbo presidency in 2023 by not uniting for that purpose.

These were his words: “Sincerely, without mincing words, the next president should come from Igbo; it’s just unfortunate that they are not that serious with their intentions because there is a political force struggling with it which they need to claim, otherwise if it eludes them now, Igbo will never see presidency till kingdom comes.

“Igbo must wake up now; otherwise, they will betray themselves from producing the next president of Nigeria.

“The South and North should step down for Igbo, let them be used as consensus candidates.

“This can happen if the Igbo know what they want but do they really know what they want? Are they ready for it? I don’t think so.”

Oluwatosin, however, said it seems some online news media have misquoted the advice given to the Igbo by Primate Ayodele, describing it as a prophecy.

He dismissed the claims that Primate Ayodele declared 2023 for igbo presidency, while making it known that there was never a time the man of God prophesied that Nigeria’s president will come from South East.

He noted that Primate Ayodele is yet to reveal that zone where the next president of Nigeria will be coming from, therefore any contradictory statement should be dismissed.

Oluwatosin said: “Primate Ayodele never prophesied that South East will produce the next president of Nigeria in 2023, his statement concerning south east presidency was just an advice.

“The publication making rounds that Primate Ayodele said so should not be taken serious, there was never a time the man of God made such statement.

“We have our records and we know what we issued out few days ago concerning Igbo presidency, Primate Ayodele simply said the Igbo should produce the next president for peace to reign in Nigeria, it was just an advice, nothing related to prophecy.

“Of course, Primate Ayodele is known for standing by his prophecies and if he ever said this, he will definitely stand by it but regarding this, there is no iota of truth in it.

“When it’s time, Primate Ayodele will reveal the next president of Nigeria in line with God’s directive but for now, he has not made any statement close to that.

“I hereby advise the public to ignore the false publications credited to the man of God, it’s totally untrue.”

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  1. What did he mean by saying that if Igbo failed to produce president in 2023 they will nava rule Nigeria again? Is dis d only chance God given d igbos? Some

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