Weeks After She Accepted My Proposal, Her Husband Called To Warn Me- Man Narrates Painful Experience

Weeks After She Accepted My Proposal, Her Husband Called To Warn Me- Man Narrates Painful Experience.

That day when I was traveling to Sunyani for the one-week workshop, I sat next to a lady who occupied my mind throughout the journey. I wanted to ask her name but I couldn’t. I gave myself timelines. I said, “I will ask her name when the bus gets to the next town.” We’ll get to that town and I’ll give myself another timeline; “Ok, Let me prepare my lines so I pick up a conversation instead.”

I still remember the story as if it was only yesterday that I sat next to her on the bus. My nose hasn’t forgotten the scent of her perfume. I sat next to this girl throughout the journey and couldn’t say a word. When we got to the bus station and she was alighting, I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. My loss. Indeed, a faint heart never won a fair lady.

From the station, I went straight to the hotel that was booked for me for the program. It was just a walking distance to where the workshop was being held. The following day, I was at the venue very early before everyone came in. Most of the attendants were old women and old men who had few years to retire from active service. I wondered why companies would send such old people for a workshop of that sort.

During our breakout session, I lifted my eyes to scan through the faces of the people in the other group. I saw a lady who looked like someone I knew. It clicked. “That’s the lady I sat next to on the bus.” Nature has a way of giving the faint heart another chance to win a fair lady. So, after the session, I walked up to her and said, “Here we are again.” He looked at my face and said, “Oh so we were both coming to the same place?” I said, “It’s a small world, you see?”

I asked her name and she said, “Afriyie.” I said, “I’m Eugene. We sat next to each other at the next session. When we had a break, we went to lunch together and after the day’s program, we exchanged numbers. The next morning, she called me; “Are you there yet?” I said yes. She asked, “Has the program started?” I said, “It’s about to.” She asked, “Is the room full?” I said, “No, a lot of seats available.” She said, “Thank God.”

She was there in the next ten or so minutes. I saw her and signaled her to come and sit next to me. All day we sat next to each other and gossiped about the old folks and their ways of thinking about technology. We had lunch together again and were the last people to leave the venue after the program. On the third day, I asked her, “So what do you do to while away time when you go into your hotel?” She said, “Nothing. I just stay inside and watch Tv till I fall asleep.” I said, “Let’s explore the town together this evening, what do you think?” She said, “That’s a great idea.”

I didn’t know anywhere but I enjoyed the fact that we had to go where we both didn’t know. We roamed around town until it was late. I walked her to her hotel door and left.

The following day I told her I like her. She laughed it off. I said, “I’m serious.” She said, “But we barely met. We don’t know much about each other?” I said, “That’s how all love stories begin. Two strangers meet and somewhere along the line magic happens.” She smiled. She said, “I just met you. Give me some time to think through things. Who knows, as you said, magic can happen.”

The next day I was in her hotel room. She said she was too tired to go out so she stayed indoors. I stayed with her for a while and before leaving, I attempted a kiss and she responded. It didn’t last as long as I wanted but it was that kiss that set the ball rolling for us. When I got to my place I texted her; “Is that a yes?” She said, “Maybe. Maybe not. It’s only a kiss.”

On the eve of our departure, she came to my room. We talked all night, asking ourselves questions and how we intend to deal with the love we’ve found when we return home. I was optimistic that things would continue after the program. She had no hope. It’s either she didn’t trust herself or she didn’t trust that I was capable of loving her. She said, “I’m not doubting you but you men are like that. It’s passionate at first, then it gets stale before it finally dies off.” I said, “You’ve met a different kind of man.”

So, we spent the night together. She said, “Turn off the light. I sleep better that way. I did and the next moment we were locked in an embrace that led us into ecstatic territories. The next morning, she couldn’t look at me in the eyes. She was shy. I went ahead to affirm the magic she was during the night. She smiled. She said, “I didn’t think this will happen this early.” I said, “It’s part of the story—our story.

We sat on the same bus to Accra. Before we parted, she said, “We are home now, let’s give each other time and space and see how things go.” We bade each other goodbye and departed. For weeks, we talked every night and day. She didn’t want me to know her house and didn’t want me to visit her at work. She said, “It’s part of the space and time I talked about. We don’t need to rush this.” In the night, we’ll do a video call until our data runs out. Call it whatever you may but I felt loved and started thinking she was the one.

One night she texted me, “I feel lonely please talk to me.” I called her line and she didn’t pick. She texted, “I want to read your words. Something I can always go back to and refresh my memory.” The chat didn’t feel original. There was something off. I said, “Are you ok?” She asked, “Why do you ask? I’m very ok.” I said, “You don’t sound like yourself.” She said, “What should I do for you to know I’m ok?” I said, “Let’s talk on video.” She said, “My room light is off, I’m feeling too lazy to walk and turn it on.” Something just didn’t feel right so I couldn’t flow with her.

The next day a number called me, when I picked he said, “I’m Afriyie’s husband. I’m calling you because of what I read on her phone.” I was confused. I asked, “Please who is this?” His voice was deep and thundering. I could imagine his size right from the way he was talking. He said, “I’ve already told you who I am. I’ve seen a few messages from you to my wife that suggest the two of you might be having an affair. If That’s the case, please stay off.” I cut the line. He called repeatedly but I didn’t pick.

I called Afriyie’s line. Immediately I said hello, the husband responded, “This is her husband. Why would you cut my line and call her instead?” I cut the line again. I stopped calling her and stopped picking strange lines until one afternoon, I googled her workplace and went there. I asked her whereabouts and they said she was on leave. I said, “I called her and she said she’s at work.” The lady said, “Then you call the wrong line. There’s only one Afriyie here and she is on leave.” I asked, “Is that Afriyie married?” She said, “Yes, with two kids.” I put my hand over my head and walked away.

This happened two years ago. She never picked my call again. Later she blocked my line on WhatsApp and blacklisted it on her phone. I called her with other lines. Immediately she heard my voice, she cut the line. I still haven’t forgiven her for putting my life in danger. Time and again, I’d wanted to go to her office and ask her why but I convince myself to let the sleeping dog lie.

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