Timi Dakolo reacts to backlash from Performing At Atiku’s Declaration Ceremony

Timi Dakolo Responds To Cancellation Threat For Performing At Atiku’s Declaration Ceremony.
Fans react to the singer’s candidacy for the upcoming presidential election in Nigeria.

Nigerian artist Timi Dakolo has reacted to Nigerians who want him to cancel his performance at Atiku Abubakar’s declaration ceremony and this response might stir up more backlash.

Nigerians are presently attacking the musician on Twitter for performing at Abubakar’s official declaration ceremony, where he announces his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election in Nigeria.

This “call to cancel” started later in the day on the 23rd of March 2022 and placed Timi Dakolo on Twitter trend tables when a Twitter user @olaolu_thaniel made a public announcement that Timi Dakolo was performing in Abuja International Conference Centre “endorsing Atiku”.

The response has further stirred reactions as Nigerians on Twitter demand he is “cancelled” for “using his skills to campaign for Atiku”.

Recall, In January 2022, The “Iyawo Mi” hitmaker had earlier stated that he will not hesitate to perform for any politician this coming election if the need arises and it meant him “collecting money”.

This statement was made on the 13th of January via Twitter after a Tweep by the name @kingadetunji responded to Timi Dakolo’s tweet where he said Timi will sing for the politicians as Nigerians enter another political campaign era.

In response, Timi Dakolo had confidently told the Twitter user that he will do just that and “collect” his “money”.

This was earlier in January and in March, the singer was doing just that, as he was spotted performing for a political rally.

According to some Nigerians that are reacting, Timi Dakolo’s act is one ladened with “hypocrisy as his act is not different from Taribo West praying for Tinubu on his birthday”

Other Nigerians believe that the ‘Great Nation’ singer was only using his skills to get his bread and should not be cancelled for that because doing one’s job does not equate to support for the politician.

Too many people say Dakolo singing for Atiku is not the problem, their problem is the complaints from influencers in Nigeria when other artists perform for the other political parties.

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