They Took My Son Car And Requested Him to Bail The Car With N50k, But When He Got to The Barrack They Kill him- Man Narrates

They Took My Son Car And Requested Him to Bail The Car With N50k, But When He Got to The Barrack They Kill him- Man Narrates

An Ilesa-based estate agent, David Adekunle has lamented the death of his son, Yinka Adekunle while in the detention of the Nigerian Army Infantry Battalion Barracks, Ibodi, Ilesa.

Adekunle had disclosed that his car dealer son was allegedly tortured to death by some soldiers attached to the battalion.

According to him, “My 37-year-old only son, Yinka, was having a swell time with his two friends at a beer parlor when a violent argument ensued between them and two soldiers who were in mufti.

“The soldiers purportedly called their colleague who came and arrested one of them, while Yinka and the other escaped abandoning his vehicle at the spot.

“My son later contacted the soldiers who reportedly asked him to come with fifty thousand naira to bail his car at their barracks at Ibodi.”

Adekule explained that, “on getting to the barracks, on my son’s invitation to come and bail him out. I was told by the soldiers manning the gate to go and see him at Ayeso police station. At the police station, I was directed to the Wesley guild hospital.”

Adekunle, who stated that he was shocked to see the lifeless body of his son on a slab in the morgue, also called on the military to investigate the circumstances surrounding the ugly incident and bring those who were involved in the extra judicial killing to book.

He demanded that the officer in charge of the barracks should be held responsible for the heinous crime.

He claimed that his son’s friend, who was allegedly subjected to the same torture, is currently on intensive care at the emergency unit of an undisclosed hospital.

Refuting the allegation, the Commanding Officer of the infantry barracks, Lieutenant Tobi Adedapo, described it as unfounded and baseless.


    • I think the officer needs to tell us what is baseless and why is it so, human live is sanctity and must be so
      . It’s unfortunate that this administration is not paying much attention to it.

  • Nigeria is a failed nation already so let b expecting any evil from dis evil governance until we agreed on separation

  • 1st Class Murder
    And someone is speaking English.
    Baseless and unfounded

    I keep weeping for my Country Nigeria.

  • RIP Yinka. The last time i saw you was about 10 years ago and it was very sad seeing a post here and latter discover you are the victim of the story. May your soul rest in peace.

  • Government should do everything possible to brings those men involved in that kind of heart to face the wrath of the law.

  • We are running away from hoodlums,do we have to run away from our soldiers who owe us the duty to protect us? I think that the authorities should investigate the matter. Military men should be friends of the people and that’s why sometimes in the early 1980, shortly after Odogbo barrack, Ibadan was opened I was at Ojo one late night with a friend at a tuwo joint. After eating, as we entered our car to go away we noticed a stranded soldier left behind by their vehicle, which we can see in a distance going away. Anyway, I decided with my friend and we agreed to drop him at his Odogbo barracks. It was already after 12 midnight but we took the risk. With the type of on-going military brutality, can we do that again?

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