Soludo Told The Truth When He Was Asked If Anambra Was Suffering From Malaria- Chinedu Obigwe

Soludo Told The Truth When He Was Asked If Anambra Was Suffering From Malaria- Chinedu Obigwe

The All Progressives Grand Alliance has accused the opposition elements in Anambra State of misinterpreting and misinforming the people about some comments of the governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, on Tuesday.

The party urged the people to ignore the “disgruntled opposition e-rats”, twisting the governor’s comments on Arise TV, saying they were wasting their time as the governor remained focussed on the work he had come to do for the state.

The National Coordinator, APGA Media Warriors Forum, Chinedu Obigwe, was reacting to the near panic mood in Anambra State shortly after the governor’s interview on Arise TV.

Addressing journalists in Awka, on Tuesday, Obigwe said one thing the opposition must know is that “Soludo will never lose focus on the work God brought him to do for ndi Anambra.”

He pointed out that since Soludo’s assumption of office as the sixth democratically-elected governor of the state, Anambra people have been in celebration mood and it will remain like that “because the solution to all the problems facing our state is here with us.”

He added that there was nothing wrong with the interview the governor granted the television station.

He said, “APGA as a party has always known that Soludo is not a character that pretends and he does not also indulge in hide and seek games. Before applying to be employed by ndi Anambra to manage their affairs, Soludo knew very well that he was coming to tackle enormous challenges and he knew that God blessed him with the means to do that.

“I wonder if people expected Soludo to lie on national television; that is one thing he will not do.

“The way the disgruntled opposition elements are reacting to Soludo’s revelation that he met three to 400 million naira in Anambra coffers and inherited debts above N100bn showed that they expected him to paint words or lie on national television.

“Soludo was asked if Anambra was suffering from Malaria and he answered ‘yes,’ but that God will help him to find a cure for it.

“As for the ordinary people in Anambra State, they are jubilating that the solution to their problem is here and that it will soon be a thing of the past.

“Soludo needs our support and encouragement to fulfil all his campaign promises, but as for those whose business is looking for any loophole to explore and strain his relationship with former Governor Willie Obiano, they should continue wasting their time.”

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