She Wants To Leave Me Because I’m No Longer Using a Car- Man Laments And Narrates

She Wants To Leave Me Because I’m No Longer Using a Car- Man Laments And Narrates

When my uncle was traveling, he asked me to move to his house so I could take his kids to school and bring them back since his wife didn’t know how to drive. I moved in the day he left and started sending his kids to school immediately. I didn’t have any job to do so I did that work as though it was a monthly paid job. One weekend, my uncle’s wife told me, “You don’t have to be here on weekends too since the kids won’t go to school. You can go home if you like and come back on Monday morning. You can also go with the car if you like so you can get here early morning on Monday.”

That sounded great in my ears so Friday evening after I’d dropped the kids in the house, I asked permission from her and left with the car. I stopped at Shiashi bus stop to buy something home. Just when I was getting back into the car, a lady approached me, “Sir, please are you going to Madina?” I said, “No I’m going to Adenta.” She said, “Do you mind if I join you? It’s hard getting a car here.” I looked at the way she was dressed with a bag in her hand, she looked like someone who was returning from work. I said, “Why not?”

So, she hopped in. The traffic was thick. To while away time, we started talking. She said she was working with one of the savings and loans companies. She said she lived with her senior sister and she came to Accra not too long ago because of work. I kept asking questions and she gleefully answered. When we got to the point she had to get down, I asked if I could get her number. She gave it to me. She said, “How about yours?” I said, “I will call you so you have it.”

I called her on Monday evening. We talked for a while. She said, “I thought you were never going to call.” I said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t call immediately.” The next day, she called to ask if I would pass by the junction in the evening. I told her, “I pass there only on Fridays.” She said, “Then I’ll wait for you on Friday.” When I picked her up on that Friday, I asked, “Are you in a hurry?” She said, “Not really.” I said, “Can we sit somewhere for a while?” She answered, “Why not?”

I took her to a place where we could sit and talk. After some days, I realized she would say yes if I propose to her so I did propose and she said yes. That very day, she started asking questions. “Where do you work?” I said I was unemployed. She laughed. She didn’t believe a guy driving such a car could be unemployed. She said, “Stop playing with me.” I said, “I’m really serious. I’m not working.” She said, “Maybe you don’t want to tell me where you work but that’s ok. Or you’re into fraud?” I laughed and said, “Naaa I can’t be a fraud guy. Currently, I’m working for my uncle.” She said, “I knew you were doing something.”

I didn’t know her that much but something about her got me hooked. She had these dazzling eyes that sparkled anytime she laughed. She smelled of innocence anytime she opened her mouth to talk. She was smart but didn’t know a lot. One afternoon, I took her to my uncle’s place when she said she wanted to know where I live. Immediately she saw the house, her eyes dazzled. I said, “It’s for my uncle. I live with him but currently, he had traveled.”

She didn’t want to hear any of that. She was simply overjoyed to know where I lived. A month later, I picked her from work and took her home to my uncle’s place. That night she didn’t leave. She slept until the next morning when I took her to her house. I started loving her like crazy. There was not a single moment that I didn’t think of her. Because of her, I started looking for a job diligently. I wanted to land a job before my uncle returns in the next two months. I did all I could but couldn’t get anything.

She had come to believe that I was some rich guy who worked in his uncle’s company. She assumed I own the car I was driving. She assumed I could provide for her so she started making some crazy demands. I tried. I put one and one together to provide for those things I could afford. The ones I couldn’t, I promised to do it later. She took me to her sister and introduced me to her as her boyfriend. Her sister said, “A man like this is hard to come by so do all you can to hold him tight.”

There was nothing she wouldn’t do just to get my attention every day. Three months later, my uncle was coming back. It meant my car using days were over and living in that house was also over. I tried within those three months to get a job so I could stand on my own feet. Nothing worked until one late night, the bell of the house tolled for the coming of my uncle. The next day, he gave me money and thanked me for being there for his family.

Car gone. No more living in a mansion. But I had little in my pocket to make my queen smile. When I went to her house the next time, I went with Bolt. She asked me, “Where is your car?” I said, “But I told you that car wasn’t mine? My uncle had returned so I had to give his car back to him.” Her face changed. I told her, “I’m getting a car very soon so don’t worry. That didn’t make her smile. The whole night when I was with her, this girl never smiled. I planned to tell her that the work I was doing with my uncle was over but the way she behaved, I couldn’t tell her.

Now, this girl hardly picks my calls. I could call all day and she will not pick. If she picks, she would make an outrageous demand that would make me angry. Last time she said she needed a new phone. I said, “But your phone is not bad?” She said, “It’s iPhone 8. I want something latest.”

She’s been doing that to me for a while now. I’d spent all the money my uncle gave me on her but she continues making demands. I know if I tell her today that I’m not working, she would leave me home and dry. I’ve come to love her. I’ve spent so much on her that I can’t sit and watch her go. I’m looking for a job. My uncle is talking to his friends to get me something to do. I know by the end of this month, I would get something to do so I can continue taking care of her. Currently, she’s making life difficult for me.

What can I do or say to make her realize that I love her so much and don’t want to lose her? She’s a good girl. It’s not easy to get a girl of her kind these days. I know if I get a job today, everything would be fine but until I get a job, what can I do to keep the relationship afloat?”

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