PDP will have a Heavy war with APC. Two Eggs Are Going to Jam Together And They Will break- Father Mbaka reveals (Video)

PDP will have a Heavy war with APC. Two Eggs Are Going to Jam Together And They Will break- Father Mbaka reveals (Video)

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, has warned and prophesied that God will cause a great war between the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

There will be a heavy war” – Rev.Father Mbaka reveals (Video)
The cleric, during his sermon, prophesied and fervently prayed for a huge war and confusion to imamate between the PDP and APC which will eventually bring wellness to Nigeria.

“PDP will have a heavy war with APC. Two eggs are going to jam together and they will break. Before then, there will be war inside PDP, intra-political war. I prophesy war and confusion in their camps. Confusion that will bring wellness to the people of Nigeria.

They will never agree, they will begin to destroy themselves. God will arise and scatter them. APC personnels will have implosion for explosion. There will be confusion in their camp until they agree to work for the welfare of Nigerians.”

Mbaka also added that large numbers of people are being sick and facing great circumstances in the country, not because it is triggered by nature but because the politicians and some men of God have gathered the goodness of the country to themselves alone.

“Many are sick in the hospital, not because they should be sick but because they could not eat. They could not take care of themselves. Visit various mortuaries; there are no spaces in our mortuaries. People are dying like rats that have eaten poison because men of God have decided to eat from the maggot pot of the politicians. You men of God before you attack this prophetic word, be careful because God is angry. We don’t even love ourselves, the rich among the men of God are not helping the poor among the men of God, talk more of members. Everything is now being subjected to monetary terms.Don’t tell me this is not the platform to say it, you are wasting your time. A prophet doesn’t have a platform that is designated for his prophetic auction. Unless you are a fake prophet! You release it when it comes. If I am in the market when it comes I will tell the market people. I am blessing the men of God who are ready to detach themselves from Jacob’s porridge. The Jacob’s porridge cannot be eaten by Esau anymore!”

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