Pastor David Reveals Who Nigerians Must Vote For In The Coming 2023 Election (Video)

Pastor David Reveals Who Nigerian Must Vote For In The Coming 2023 Election (Video)

Popular Nigerian Pastor David Ibiyeomi while ministrying to his congregation dive little bit into political matters and he gave his congregation some admonition concerning who they should consider as their choice in the next coming election.

Pastor David Ibiyeomi reveals that Nigerian has suffered a lot and almost all the politicians in the country and parties has disappointed Nigerian badly, in that regards Nigerians should never consider voting for any political party again in the forthcoming Election.

He went further to add that, Nigerians should vote a man with Vision, saying right now Nigeria need a visionary man who will think about the next generation and the development of the country, not some one who is just occupying position with no vision.

In conclusion, he urge Nigerians not to vote their conscience by taking bribes just to vote in the wrong party.

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