My Husband Drinks, Beats Me When He Wants S*x With Me- Woman Cry Out to Court

My Husband Drinks, Beats Me When He Wants S*x With Me- Woman Cry Out to Court

Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the 13-year-old relationship between a woman, Olamide Lawal and her partner, Saheed Lawal.

The duo had earlier appeared in court on January 6 and gave their evidences.

Giving her judgment, the court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, noted that their relationship was filled with domestic violence and that both had been living apart for more than two years.

She explained that no marriage existed between both for the 13 years they lived together, but that they were co-habiting.

According to her, no customary or formal wedding was carried out on their behalf, neither was dowry paid.

Akintayo further stated that Saheed never denied being a drunk and brute adding that he refused to change despite writing an undertaking.

She explained that the interest of their children was paramount to the court and that it was proper to hand over their children to that person who will look after them.

The court president stated that the court was not convinced that the defendant would not transfer his violent nature to their children if granted their custody and this might affect their upbringing.

She also observed that the defendant had no emotional attachment with their children.

Akintayo ordered the defendant to give their children N15,000 monthly as feeding allowance.

She also ruled that the plaintiff allow the defendant access to their children every last Saturday of the month.

This meeting she ordered must hold at a neutral place.

She hammered that there must be no report of harassment or violence of the plaintiff by the defendant.

Both were ordered to maintain peace.

Olamide, who dragged Saheed to court alleged that he was a drunk and a brute.

She explained that he was in the habit of beating her every time he returned home late in the night drunk.

The plaintiff further stated that they fought most of the night because he always demanded for sex which she refused because she didn’t enjoy sex with him.

According to her, he would beat her blue black and send her out into the street.

She added that their children always advised her to allow him have sex with her in order to avert being killed by him.

The plaintiff also said that they lived in eight houses in the 13 years of their marriage because he was always at logger head with their landlords and tenants.

She explained that Saheed took laws into his hands and that he would come to her shop to fight her and destroy her good.

According to her, he refused to change despite being asked to write an undertaking after he was arrested by the police and put in their custody for days.

He took to calling her on the phone and raining curses on her.

The plaintiff prayed for their children’s custody, including their second child who was presently with him.

She further prayed that the court made him responsible for their welfare.

Saheed admitted to drinking and fighting, but stated that he had changed.

He prayed the court not to dissolve their union because of their children.

He later changed his mind and pleaded for the custody of their second child, a 14-year-old male and further promised to give the remaining children N12, 000 as monthly feeding allowance.

Olamide told the court Saheed carried out no responsibility towards her and their children and that he spent his income solely on alcohol.

The plaintiff stated that she refused him sex because she never enjoyed sex with me.

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