My Husband Can Not Last More Than 30 seconds in Bed- Woman Laments And Narrates

My Husband Can Not Last More Than 30 seconds in Bed- Woman Laments And Narrates

My name is Maggie, a 26-year-old married woman but I am already fed up with the marriage because my husband is so sexually weak that he can’t even last more than 30 seconds in bed.

We got married last year but while we were dating, we had abstained from sex because our church frowned at sex before marriage. How I wish I had defied the doctrine of the church and had sex with Joe. I wouldn’t be in this situation.

I know many women out there will say that sex is not food and that if my husband can make me happy in other areas, I should be contented but as a sexually vibrant young woman, sex means a lot to me and I can’t continue to cope with a man who cannot satisfy me.I have tried to cope and live with the situation but in truth, I can no longer take it again. I won’t shy away from the fact that as a woman, a man who cannot satisfy me in bed has always been a no go area for me.

When I was a single lady, I indulged and enjoyed sex very much, and in the same vein, I expect my husband to be able to satisfy me so I would not be tempted to get another man to do that for him.

I actually met Joe in the church where he was an associate pastor and typical of such relationships, everything was shaped by the doctrines of the church and even our meetings were restricted.

We dated or as it is called in the church, our courtship lasted just six months and we got married. The first sign of trouble was on our wedding night. I was anxiously waiting for my newly wedded husband to join me in the bedroom after the guests had left but he did not show up.

I must have slept off because when I woke up and looked at the time, it was 2 am and Joe was not with me.

I got out of bed and as I approached the sitting room, I heard him praying seriously and speaking in tongues.

I was shocked that a man who just got married, left his wife all alone and was praying. I waited for him to finish and come to bed but my husband prayed till it was morning.The first time we made love was almost a week after our wedding and that was when I knew I was in trouble. After a long foreplay, Joe managed to get erect but before he could enter me, he had ejaculated.

I thought it was the excitement of making love to his wife for the first time but tried as much as I did, he could not get erect again.

Since then, it has been the same story and my advice that he seeks medical help has fallen on deaf ears as he believes prayers would solve the problem.

I am getting frustrated and getting fed up by the day and I do not want to commit adultery.

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