Igbos Can Not Rule Nigeria Because They Were Cursed – Pastor Bakare Exposed a Deep Secret (video)

Igbos Can Not Rule Nigeria Because They Were Cursed – Pastor Bakare Exposed a Deep Secret

Renowned Nigeria Evangelist Tunde Bakare has allegedly dropped a bombshell Revelation during a sermon on why the Igbos can never ruled Nigeria as the president.

Pastor Bakare told his congregation that he has been receiving alots of questions on why the Igbos are not allowed to rule Nigeria despite being parts of the country, in response he told them that it is because of the atrocities the Igbos committed years back that hindering them from ruling the country.

Pastor Bakare made them to understand that the Igbos brought the calamities Upton themselves after they killed Tafawa Balewa, forced him to drink and shot him and why he was being killed. He said, none of the Igbos tribe will ever rule Nigeria till the world ceased to exist.

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  • When did Pastor Tunde become God. I marvel when some trendy pastors twist the word of God. Benjamin slept with his stepmother (which a lot of us do these days) for which Jacob cursed him. Pastor Tunde did not explain to us how the Ibos became the furstborn of Nigeria.

      • If there is any body to be cursed in Nigeria, it is Tunde Bakare. God curse Bakare for being a satanist in the name of pastor. All the while Igbos had been loosing their loved ones in the North long before the coup they were not cursed.To be frank, God has also cursed Bakare for being part of those who hoisted APC and their leaders in Nigeria. Up to now you never know that God has left you long time ago for you tribalism.This is one of the biggest problems in Nigeria. How could people like Bakare be called pastor. He said all his said because Igbos frustrated his ambition to become the president of Nigeria. For lying against the Igbos, you are hereby cursed. Igbos are one of the greatest black tribes in the world and have made our mark in the world community. We are the game changers in every country of the world. Of course we know that you are envious and jerous of the Igbos and you are not the only one. What you just said is you felt in your heart. To you, you have coursed in your heart and you are hidding under other tribes to curse us, but that won’t change anything. We are already blessed according to the book of Numbers 23:23.God has blessed us and no man can curse us. May be Pastor Bakare’s bible did not contain that. Some of Nigerian pastors are like foxes in the desert. They cry when no one beats them.

          • I’m short of words from the trash from a man that called himself a pastor.
            Pastor Bakari or whatever blackmailed others because he wanted to become a vice president but failed.
            In his Bible he never read that liers will end in the lake of fire…. He has forgotten all he did in the past because he wanted to be in the corridor of power😃😃
            May be he does not know that the IGBOS are of the HEBREW NATION that are blessed and cannot be cursed.
            Bakari, your generation is hereby cursed for ever beyond reversal for denting the image of God’s own people.

          • Pastor!!! You forgot that Balewa is not the Father of Igbo people, and such courses would not work . Except God did that on his own . I will not explain to you since you are a Pastor read the Bible.
            It is impossible relating what Balewa said, Non Christian to Children of God. Hmmmm. You have increased my doubt in your preaching that has no humility. Please not that Igbos are coursed and I repeat they can not be cioursed by an unbeliever. The Presidency has not come because it is not yet time. The only thing I thought you wanted to say was that because of the Civil War, there is the assumption that Biafra may be established if there is Igbo President. Again, if God’s hand favor’s Biafra, no Man can change it; even twenty Putins.

          • The so called pastor is a fool and he knows he’s not a man of God. Only his followers will take his words seriously but reasonable people will never. He’s a politician marauding as a man of God deceiving his so called followers.

          • Every man who speaks against the lgbos will reap it when the time comes,let them go and ask Adeyinka ground son where he is now. He has been jailed 4 and half years in London for speaking against the lgbos

        • Hmm,no matter what, whether he is right or wrong,you have no right to speak against a pastor or even abuse him,please mind your words,do not let the devil use your anger as a tool to make you sin against God .

          • DIVINE, Come on, my dear yourself is very very wrong to say that. See I myself talking to you i’m a pastor too, in as much I don’t subscribe to derogatory speech against Pst T. Bakare. However, he is very wrong to say what he said against Igbo race. Forget about what his citation, that was not true and from archives, it’s discovered that, that very coup the called Igbo coup was not Igbo coup and it was not truly that killers of Tafawa Balewa was the Igbos. Furthermore, His statement as a person who call himself a man of God, is unethical ministerial my speaking. It’s not on record anywhere written or oral that anyone cursed the Igbo race he is the very first person this proceeds out of his mouth, his citation has no proof or evidential historically and otherwise. Obviously, Pastor Bakare is biased against the Igbos for a reason best known to him.
            The issue the don’t talk against a man of God, does not arise here the scripture cautioned the believers in Christ in 1 Peter 2:20; 4:15. Whatever he got for his prejudice against the Igbos, it’s his fault, because that’s “..evil..” and an act of “busy body.” he should take it patiently. God won’t be angry against any one that pays Pastor Bakare back with his own coin.

          • I don’t join issues with men of God. However, some erroneous issues here, concerning those that executed Tafawa Balewa need to be corrected from the archives. Moreover, it is unethical for men of God to indulge in hate speech, rather than preaching for peace and unity.

          • If there is a a blessed tribe in Nigeria its just the Igbo’s their blessing are so effectual that when u welcome them in any place it automatically becomes developed…i feel the other tribes in Nigeria are cursed since not to realise Igbos are the only opportunity left solution to make the country a better place and for blindness and curses envy and denial developed ,trapped them all to suffering ,bombing caos, hunger and unmageable and misusing the grace of oil The solely depends yet not enough for them to make this country liveable for the poor Masses

          • But the pastor has right to say this against a tribe that is what you mean , as a pastor you called him has he any right to say this nonsense

          • Who’s a pastor? Don’t be received, he’s not God, just a tribalistic mortal…I reserve my words

          • Pls who is a pastor, don’t be decieved by his mumu preaching he is not from God, God is love an his children will at all time preach love words to his followers

          • Tunde Bakare have entered into everlasting problem that may swallow him up and I believe there’s Igbo in his church, He should turn around and dance to music he will hear latter, speaking against igbo nation is drawing a Battle line.

          • Sometimes I wonder why people called themselves pastor while they are devil’s incarnate,this Man tunde barkare is a hypocrite and should not be listened, I’m so sorry for those gullible Igbos found in his shrine called church.for record purpose,Igbos are the most blessed tribes in the whole world. Give Igbo man a dessert he will give an Estate in return barkare for opening your mouth to say that Igbos are curse You shall have the repercussions from God because Igbos are UMUCHINEKE.

          • And by so doing his aspirations is justified, is that what you are saying Mercy? Please you will have to pity about your existence. For your information, that man called tunde bakare’s Grace has expired without him knowing about it

        • My dear, let me tell you this where is the resources of this country coming from, check the achievement made during the time of obj,who made it possible, Check the statistics in the world find out the sectors that is doing very well check the Person behind the scene it must be Igbo origin.ok you guys don’t want us then allow us to go. Do you kn why sanusi was removed from emir because of a simple truth he told the northerners when they ask ibos to go.though every spirit must be verified first to who speaks.

          • Am expecting other tribes to comment on this issue b4 I will be able to make my own comment

        • Chai. Most southern men are evil.
          Imagine the statement of this hungry pastor called Bakari. Where is your faith and your wisdom. Last time you said you are going to match to Abuja. Once you was invited over by Buhari and some patry of Naira was given to you that ends your movement and telling Nigerians the evil the present Administration of Buhari is commiting.
          As long as you led Nigerians to Eagle square shouting on Jonathan for not being a good leader and refused to do same with Buhari murderous govt. Soon shame and dishonour shall be your portion pastor Bakari.
          The worst am seeing this evening in AIT news championed by one evil shameless nonentity in the person of Don Pedro Obesike, a complete frustrated man from Edo. That the PDP ticket should go the North.
          The PDP ticket is due for southern region. This is bcos the north in all remifications cannot rule the south for complete 16years. During the military era the military being led by the north manipulated every thing and ruled the south as long as they like, but things are different this time.
          In 2019, the PDP tickets was given to Atiku in which all south east and south region stood for him and he failled. That rest the case.
          Obesike you will NEVER see any thing good in this life bcos you have eaten money that made you to come up with a betrayal opinion against your own. The land of the south will fight you and your generations.
          The same way APC gave Buhari their ticket in 2015/2019 and he won was the sane way Atiku was given ticket in 2019 and he lost. We all fought for him, singing his song. Atiku yesooooooooo.Atiku for president.
          I was known as Atiku campaigner any where I entered bcos of my support.
          But now the battle has changed for another zone which is the Igbo extraction to mount the thrown or nothing else
          Edo people have being known to always betrayal Igbos from time immemorial.
          It was an Edo supers Federal secretary that lured Gowon to go to war and should not allowed Ojukwu to seccced.
          Today, they are fighting and bringing different ideologies to favour the north which region is about rounding up their 8years. Then in a secular country like ours another Northerner will still enter to rule for another 8years. So the south, particularly the south east we are visitors in this country abi.

        • It is time now to realise the magnitude of the hatred on Ibos by other Nigerians. Pastor Tunde Bakare isn’t alone. Many Yoruba, Nupes, Tivs, Idomas, Igalas, some hausas and fulanis hold the same opinion. To help pastor Tunde and his kinsmen out of half knowledge; Nigerians should know that:
          1. The conditions and cirmcustances and situations that led to 1966 coup was simply supplied by Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Samuel Akintola.
          2. Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu was the leader of the 1966 coup. He called it a revolution aimed at curbing the excesses and the incursion of politicians into the Nigerian military.
          3. Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu was not an Easterner. He was a Mid-westerner as Delta and Edo States were then known.
          He was born and raised in kaduna by his mother only. Sir Ahmadu Bello, The Sarduana, adopted him as a son, added the ‘Kaduna’ aspect of his name and enlisted him into the Nigerian Army. Who’s the biological father of Nzeogwu? Why did Sarduana adopt him?
          4.The 1966 coup or military revolution ran into complication in it’s execution. How? Lt.Col Odumegwu Ojukwu was the Brigade Commander in Kano. He refused to corporate with Nzeogwu. General
          Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi stopped the conclusion of the coup in Lagos. Note that both Gen. Ironsi and Lt. Col. Ojukwu were Ibo officers.
          Why did they refuse to corporate?
          5. Please help Pastor Tunde to re-read the various newspapers , particularly the NigerianTribune from mid 60 to 80s especially during Lateef Jakande’s tenure as Editor-in Chief, while Chief Awolowo was relaxing in prison for the offence of treasonable felony. He will come to realise that the coup only brought military into dictatorship government of Nigeria. The coup didn’t cause the war. What then caused the war?
          6.When General Yakubu Gowon became the Head of the military Gvt. the spate of visit by Lateef Jakande to prison for consultations with Chief Awololwo increased. The result was the tribal slanting from ‘Military Coup’ to ‘Ibo Coup’.This achieved the desired result-orgies of hate and killing of easterners in the north ,middle belt, and west. Train coaches filled with the killed Ibos kept arriving Enugu from the north.The TVs,Idomas, Igalas, Langtangs, the northern element took the occasion to display their strong loyalty to Arewa Oligarchs. They never had such joyful moments ever since.
          6. Suddenly Chief Awololwo regained his freedom and became the ‘Almighty’ figure in Gowon’s Cabinet. Many bizarre policies began to emerge nearly on weekly basis. Ojukwu’s insistence that the regime should make the whereabout of Gen. Ironsi known was ignored.Respect to military hierarchy policy adherence was not heeded.
          7. So, the military plotted the Coup and manipulated the events to levy war on the Ibos. At the end the fire of Nigeria’s progress was extinguished and the country plunged into sedentary inaction and eclipses.
          8.Maybe Pastor Tunde meant that Nigerians shall remain abiding to this total eclipse as long as life endures than to allow an Ibo person rule Nigeria.Ibos are the light of any nation that accept them. If Nigerians say no to an Ibo for president in Nigeria that is a vote to foreign dependency and zero human capital development index. Ibos shall continue to partner with any country in any planet to rekindle the fire and light of such places.
          9.As Ibos anywhere is our stage. Pastor Tunde Bakare is too comfortable to be reasonable. His comfort is courtesy of those Ibos who empty their pockets as pew members in his church. He has challenged their Igboness and all Ibos attending any church in Nigeria.
          In case your deaf or half-bred Ibo, the Pastor said if you an Ibo Christian, for Nigeria’s presidency, Christians other than your kinsmen in church will not vote you because he (Pastor Tunde Bakare and other. Nigerians have cursed you. A word is enough for the wise.
          10.What Nigeria need is a large population of producers not opportunists who prey on the national treasury to develop other countries. Ibos are developers. Allow a presidency of an Ibo and Nigeria will export more and import less. Insecurity will disappear.For when youngsters are happily engaged they are less available for use by never- do -wells. If these are nauseating to Nigerians then Pastor Tunde Bakare is right.

          • Pls watch and listen to the video b4 you crucify the man of God ohhhj. He is supporting igbos from his message

          • So in effect, Awolowo brought in the ideolovy of tribalism into the Nation and deeply entrenched what has become the bane of the nation now both in 1941 when he was desperate to win the great Zik of Africa who came to the west to contest the premiership of the western region and secondly when he, Awo was desperate to come out of prison where he was serving jail term for treasonable felony after the coup plot.Since many tribes were involved in the coup, why was it termed ibo coup? Is it becos igbos sre not cunning abd backstabbers prefering to caŕry everyone along even to the exte t of accepting responsibility which everyone cowrdly ran from? But that is the true matk of a leader…the ability to take responsibility for the successes and the failures.

        • 👍👍👍👍👍👍my dear u r on point oooo. May be he is indirectly telling the World why someone like him can never be a president, or anyone from his generation.. Besides we are still far better than the Zones and States that has Produced President.. Apart from Lagos, is there any state that are more developed like the states in the DE??? Even Lagos as whole, without Igbos , there will be no Lagos… Let the keep the Aso Rock seats, while we decide the Economy of the country…. 😙😗😙🙅🙅Look -Dem , look-dem, 🤫🤫😏🙄Yeye de smell ooo

          • Whoever enters into the forest in search of firewood and felt that fetching ant infested firewood is the best option,he/she should be prepared to host Lizards. A pastor who decides to leave his track should be prepared for collision. If you are actually a man called by God,you should know that your messages should be salvation oriented. Meanwhile what was responsible for your failure in your first political outing to contest for a public office? Were you cursed too?
            Please deliver the sermons that will get people closer to God. This Lane you are going into will spell doom……………

      • If of a truth u said this, you are never a pastor and u don’t know God at all.
        You preach hatred and God must punish u and those that she’d innocent blood in Nigeria.

        If Igbos is not worthy to be with u, let them go.

        • All these People speak as if they are God.
          You are trying to make the to be angry with the Ibos, but sorry we have passed that stage. It is the turn of the Ibos/Good to rule now.

        • Nnamdi God bless you real good for your deep knowledge of history. Those who know, know. Tunde is a very hungry pastor striving to feed on gullible citizens by spewing out nonsense.

      • The Salvation of the people is greatly hindered when People like Pastor Tunde Bakare Starts planting SEEDS OF DISCORD AMONGST PEOPLE. Anyways, He hardly preach pure Gospel, put Politics from the pulpit, Till judgement Day, so he will be able to explain more in details.

        • Above all, the sidelining of IGBO Generation from Being a President of the country called Nigeria, have been the Foundation of all Backwardness, Failures, underdevelopment, and all Calamities that have taken the Country far from Greatness in real sense of it, Because when the Righteous is in Authority, the people Rejoice. Names of people I started hearing when I was 15 years, are still in corridors of power with walking sticks, offering old theories and fallacies, dragging themselves and their Children backwards while promising that Youths are Leaders of Tomorrow, all these are happening because of this same Vacuum that have been created. Until the Nigeria Nation do away with every manner of Unforgiveness against the IGBO Nation, they will continue to Stumble, and Struggle where every other Nations Achieve Greatness.

      • My dear listen to the video and understand what the pastor meant or said. The world of God moves in so many directions

        • Yahoo Yahoo Pastor. Go & pay your Billions of Naira debt with the Bank & leave the Igbo Nation alone. Nigeria evil seeds sowers

        • Mercy, whatever is contained in the video, a man of God should stick to the Salvation words of God, and not words of Discord, not even from respected person like Tunde Bakare, Mercy you may have wisdom to digest, not all people have, the country is multinational,therefore Wisdom should be the principal thing to direct us if you must Air this kind of critical issues at this time of Fragile peace all-over the places.

      • Liar Tinder bakare…were you there when Tafawa was kille? The mouth with which you ‘break’ the curse on Igbos is already cursed . That’s why the biggest industry in your tribe is deceit through fake prophecies and Pentecostalism while the Igbos establish companies and employ your people in your backyard. Who told you it’s a blessing to be President of Nigeria. You and the North have ruled No geria ever since…are you better than the Igbos?

      • Pastor Bakare is deviating from speaking the truth for the salvation of souls, to twisting the truth to please his political masters. He brought the hardship of Buhari upon us. Please focus on your calling

      • Tunde has nothing on his head what has he done to Nigeria since he was made a stupid pastor that choose to criticize a particular tribe instead of bringing unity an love so that Nigerian will be one pls next time don’t post a stupid man with his stupid thoughts

      • My dear i listened to the video, his speech was wrong. He shouldn’t have mentioned the coup, and how Tafawa Balewa was killed tagging it lgbo coup.
        That speech can cause harm than good. Is an inciting speech in disguise of him breaking lgbo curse. He should have studied his history book before talking.
        Imagine a Northerners hearing what he said concerning how their leader was killed.
        He is a pastor, there are things he shouldn’t say in the pulpit

    • It’s unfortunate that emotions and tribal sentiments don’t let us reason well. I just watched the video, the Pastor said in the course of the coup that killed Balewa, Balewa placed a curse on his killers, presumably Igbos. He prayed that the curse be broken so an Igbo man can be president of this country. Listening to the pastor, he meant well, he didn’t sound like someone who is against an Igbo man being the president. Please let’s be objective and stop displaying our ignorance on social media.

      • Tunde Bakari should tell Nigerins who placed a curse on him why his efforts to be the President of Nigeria have remained abortive

    • It is unfortunate that someone who calls himself a man of God will speak in this way. I am not disturbed because of this. This statement will let people know that Bakare is not a man of God. The man who led the coup that killed the saraduana is from the south south. His region has produced the president of Nigeria.

      • Tochi! Major Chukuma Kaduna Nzeugwu who killed Sardauna of Sokoto after Sardauna brought him up in Kaduna and even calling him(Nzeugwu) Dan Kaduna meaning Kaduna son or Kaduna indigene
        was an Ibo Man and not from South South ,Check ur source again

    • This will also come to pass as his “prophesy” that he would be thé next president of Nigeria did. Sometimes I wonder whether some of these things we hear are really products of sober heads.

      • Nwaiwada Suleiman Chukwuma Nzeogwu is a South South man ☝️ to correct u, he’s from Okpanam Delta State so he’s not an Igbo Man Tude Bakara is a bad student of history tribalism is just eating him raw” well as a Yoruba man he is I am not surprised at all it’s in their nature to betray☝️

    • According to the self-styled god of men Tunde Bakere ,the Igbos can never rule Nigeria because they’re cursed for leading the first coup in Nigeria.
      The annointed Ones shall rule Nigeria forever and shower it with endless ” blessings” like the bliss we are presently enjoying as a nation.
      Shame on you charlatans that pretend to see and hear from the Omniscience one.You hear from the Almighty yet you are prepared to partner with the devil himself to be at the corridors of power with the powers and principalities that has kept Nigeria on it knees.
      We have seen what blessings the blessed tribes of Nigeria that know no coups, no evil have brought to us over the past 50yrs.
      Shame on you Tunde for misapplying the Bible.

      • I pity people who do not know at least 55 to 60% of where they come from…Pastor Tunde Bakare this is not one of pastoral roles…but if you must say that go back and read more about your country… obviously you are not a history scholar. Pls stop misleading those who are not disposed with the history of the country… I am thinking that you are one of those who are trying to tarnish the image of others.

        I don’t know what’s your problem…but I can sense intrablack racism, stupendous tribalism bemused with stupidity, ignorance and historical illiteracy.

        But I know you are not one of these, so take back your thought and taught, and stop misleading and causing more harm to Nigerian youngsters who are being denied of historical knowledge.

        Furthermore, Igbo people are not cursed. It is those who do not want to accept the person we are.

        Lastly, -curse be upon him / them who curse anyone of us; the Igbo race with those who believe in anything modest, equity and fairness.
        Thanks from,
        SMD .

    • Is Balewa the creator or father of Nigeria. Did Balewa curse after he hadd died. Who did ironsi curse for killing him. With his level of knowledge would Bakare still convince himself that the coup that killed Balewa was entirely an Igbo coup?. I pity any Igbo that still go to Bakare church

    • An unfortunate and inciting exposition by poor Tunde. I used to think he was articulate. I never knew he was a bootlucking , psycophantic psychopath. A schizophrenic , jealous gavone that is still begging for government patronage after his failed entry into politics. Who can curse the IBO race? What about the pogrom he and his ilk committed against the IBO’s? What input has the accursed rulers of Yoruba and Hausa/ Fulani extraction made t lift Nigeria forward since independence. You blind pastor , your time is up and may u live Long to see the errors of your unguarded and uninformed utterances against a race that you can never belong to even in your next world. Amen. Baga

    • Who are you mortals To cause a nation, tribes or tongue? I employ you to take back that despicable ulterance before you face your punishment trying above.

    • Please watch the video before you comment I know you may have your reason to hate bakare but don’t just jump into conclusion he never said anything like that not in the video not anywhere/anytime

    • So the Yorubas are not cursed? I am astonished to see or hear a man that call himself a pastor to be vomiting such words. Was he there when Tafawa Balewa was shot? Anyway, I am just tired of these Nigerian pastors who are always in charge of their pockets. The Bible said, Jesus fed the multitude, but in our present days the multitude are feeding the so-called men of God as they claim.

    • Now i know why Buhari drop that stupid man that called himself Tunde because PMBfound out… being with Tunde will cause him another bad luck…… now you’re calling igbos…. juju pastor

    • The person that posted this is a big fool for this kind of lie against the preacher, I don’t know why people keep miss useing the social media, big fool

    • You did not listen to the voice of truth before talking. Why are you talking Benjamin? Is Igbo people Benjamin? Is the matter of the firstborn? He said Tafawa Balewa cursed them during his death which was executed by igbos. When a secret as such was revealed, it needs prayer as a response.

  • If in your own analogy my honourable clergy man, Igbos cannot rule this country, I am telling you that actually the Igbos are not agitating to rule this Fulani country, they want to go, while not allow the coursed people to go so that they will not be a curse to u

    • If truly Pastor Bakare said the above, then he is the one that is cursed and can never smell being close to the seat of government. How can he be twisting history about the Igbos and think he’ll get away with it? I repeat, if it’s true he said that, he’s the cursed one.

    • Tunde bakare is confused, a topical, tribalistic yoruba man who doesn’t read between the line’s, he’s so pathetic and a bloody liar,. All these guy men like who doesn’t have the auction anymore from to preach should systematically join politics. They’ve lost it all, clouds without water, exposing their shame. Icabod. Thanks

  • Well am not Ibo but that’s why they should allow them to live.
    Of what logical sense is keeping the Ibos within Nigeria when you all have a mindset towards them? The North are scared of the entire nation fallen apart because the south is their food basket 🤣😂
    Let them go and see if they will not overtake the full remaining tribes within 2 years

      • Who is a fool? It’s definitely you illiterate. Listen to the man and be wise. He is praying for your kinds while you are cursing and abusing him, what a people

        • Bakare is a confirmed fool for saying this nonsense of God blessed people ( igbos).
          Therefore, I urge all the igbos to shun his cursed church.

          • What of what Osman danfodio comment that you can’t hire an Igbo man because he will end up being the Leader of the company. The hatred on igboman doesn’t start in 1966.

          • As for me I will want those condemning the man, to go and listen to the words of the man very well, did they heard the part that talk about said prayers to break the curse on the present generation, because they were not involved in the killing?

        • Including you Olajide Olusegun, who is illiterate are Yorubas more intelligent than Igbo, Nigeria is recongnised in world today, Igbo’s contributed 70 percent. Better you and bakere should pack yours mouth side. Tribalist, deceivers, jealousy and haters

        • Praying for the Igbos? Let him pray and deliver himself and household first. Tomorrow if any Igbo ascend the throne, he will tell the world it is because he reversed the curse.
          What a comedian in casock? I pity people who sit to listen to this confused man.

        • Olajide olusegun can you listened to your self watch the videos very well and reason it don’t talk ignorantly.

        • Pls pray for yourself first.You are more in need of it for being the ones that bequeated Nigeria with tribalism.
          After that look for the midwestern region to pray for as Major Kaduna Nzeogwu is from midwest.
          As for the Igbos , have you not heard that “Cursed is those that curse them and Blessed are those that bless them?”

  • I have listened to the message Pastor Tunde Bakare preached and the comment he made about Igbos,he didn’t by himself say that Igbos are cursed but made reference to what was purportedly said by late Sir Tafawa Balewa,the first Nigeria Prime Minister before he died,when Igbo army officers that killed him in the January15,1966, coup, that “None of your tribe would rule Nigeria” Pastor Tunde Bakare prayed to remove the said curse,so he didn’t curse Ndi-Igbo,so let’s be careful of the comments we make.

    • My dear,how old was tu!de ;akers then?
      Was he there when belewa laid the course?
      How come all these white no body have mentioned it?
      Why none of the igbo soldiers there mentioned it?
      How are you expecting us to believe it?
      If it is true,the comments should had surface in the history of 1966 coupe via civil war?

    • Thank you for listening to the man. The author is evil and deceitful. God shall judge for deliberately misleading people and for those who alllow them to be misled, it’s a pity…

    • Bakare is not getting it well,who carried out d coup? Is it not Chukwuma Nzeogu? Where did he came from? South South, who is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan? Nigeria president,where did he came from? South South. Pastor pls check yourself well, if you have turned to be a false prophet,let’s be careful in accepting messages from some men of God,check if that message was from God or not.

      • The Coup was planned and executed by young Nigeria military officers( not only igbos) who desired better life for Nigerians. The Coup was executed along side with the non lgbos too and what becomes of the non igbo tribes that participated in the Coup. I think the so called Pastor Tunde Bakare is misleading and not the correct position of 1966 Coup.

  • I sorry to to said that pastor Bakare is man full of errors, how can he open his God given mouth and said nonsense. This is a man l respect so much but if this is truth, he not a man of God, period.

    • It is obvious, how can A person call himself a man of God, u didn’t preach the gospel, u started talking political issues…. Oga bakare ur of the world and not of God be careful…..

    • Ishis blood thicker than the ones being killed by both Boko Haram and bandit since his death that Hausa continue to rule ?

    • Pastor Tunde,pls where you there when Tarawa laid the curse on Igbos? It’s a pity that you opened your mouth to say this. If Igbos are cursed by a mere man does it stop Igbos from propering,? Does it stop Igbos from managing their families, communities well? Bakare has failed to recognise that the coup was carried out by Chukwuma Nzeogu,& he is from Niger Delta,which is South South,& some body from South South have ruled Nigeria (Good uck Jonathan) so that message is false.

    • This is pure lies, major Kaduna nzeogwu was the one that that caused the coup not J.T.U ajurgy ironsi, and igbo are so blessed in so many was , to make proporganda

  • You don’t talk like this.you are a man of God even if there is something of that nature,they are part of us we need to go to round table talk and settle it.with prayer it will be settled.i just advice my brother Igbos to cool down put all what they have in mind at their back let’s be one.

    • pls less be carefull with our chioce of words here, Pst Tunde Bakere never curse the Igbos , He only gave the illustration of what happened back then pls. just the video and see what he said and u will understand it all trust me.

      • Let’s assume tunde bakere said what he heared .by that course is nollyfied because after Tafawa bellewa cause an Igbo man Aguiyi Ironsi became the head of state, so the course is null and voide it holds no water. Mr Bakere be inspired sir

  • Tunde Bakare is also under heavy curse. Of course he’s an ordinary person, because Only God has the final say concerning Igbos. Whats stopping him from being president ? Maybe he’s under curse too.

  • It is unfortunate that Pastor Bakare could say that. Was he a witness when Tafawa Belewa made the statement.? . What degree of impact is that to the Igbos?
    Everybody clearly understand that it is the Biafra war that scares an average Northerner concerning an Igbo man clinching the number one position.
    Igbos are never cursed and cannot be cursed.
    Bakare has stopped talking like a man of God from the day he left his exulted priesthood position to join politics. Shaa he wanted to be a vice president?. Why was he dumped by Buhari?

  • People should be patient enough to get full information about issues before embarking on any commentary. Obviously, pastor Tunde Bakare was never at the scene where T. Balewa was killed, he read it from document like so many people. He now went further to pray against the curse based on the fact that this is not the generation of the Igbos that committed the sacrilege. Pls, listen to the sermon. ( No sentiment attached to my comment, even I’m not a member of his church).
    Furthermore, our ’emergency journalist’ should also be careful in the presentation of their stories. They are mostly mischievous. My advice is don’t set the country ablaze on the altar of incomplete or mischievous stories because you want to live. Your conscience will not forgive you neither God.

  • That is nonsensical remark coming from someone who claims to be a man of God. If what you said is true what is stopping you from crying to God in prayer on their behalf. Igbos are not cursed. Their biggest enemies are themselves. Only if igbos can genuinely come together as one igbos would have gone far in Nigeria political sphere or Biafra dream would have been actualised. Igbos are the only set who propergate the ideal of one Nigeria. Nigeria is in shambles because they have refused to give igbos chance to rule and correct the errors this country has because of being afraid of igbos. The average Nigerian fears igbos. The truth is if igbos is given chance to rule Nigeria will be better than it’s present state now. So igbos are not cursed their biggest enemy is their inability to come together as one.

  • Pastor Bakare is not God. Curses are brokable, why is he talking as he is not of God? Igbos has been liberated Mr confused Bakare.

  • Bakare is s fool by saying such thing,hv you forgotten that the way Lagos and Abuja is today,is the Igbos.secondly from 1960 till date,what is happening today,it is only Igbos that can take Nigeria to the next level.thirdly,bakare is a hungry pastor that is lobbying for political position that dosnt’t reason spiritually.

    • It It is unfortunate that Tunde Bakare is employing old tricks to remain relevant. He knows the Igbos are pushing hard to become the next President of this country. He created an imaginary story and difficulty and position himself as the man through whom the ‘curse’was broken. This is to make him claim relevance that without him removing the ‘curse’ Igbos wouldn’t have become President. Guy man Pastor!

  • Pastor Tunde Bakare, the man with a dual face and speaks from two sides of his mouth! The man who’s other name is jellyfish!! The great comedian on the pulpit….
    Prayerfully ask God to direct you to people who can educate your ignorant mind on certain things and facts about non religious matters before you bring down a distruction to your household.
    The coup that killed the first republic was not engineered by the Igbo soldiers but Niger-delta, Igbo and Yoruba soldiers.
    Besides, the fear of Hausa-Fulani and probably the Yoruba man is the Igbo man’s desire for self determination.
    So no one cursed the Igbos.

  • The pastor didn’t say the Ibos won’t rule the country, but prayed and reversed the curse of Tafawa over the Ibos. As a matter of fact from his speech he really wants the Ibos to rule the country. If you other tribes are afraid of the ibo tribe just let them peacefully go. It’s like an adage that says Soup no sweet but your hand still doesn’t come out of the soup. If they are not good to be Nigerians then allow them to go please.

    • “Reversed the curse” indeed. When a man full of hatred uses the pulpit to vent his anger against a tribe. That man’s middle name is pity, and so is everyone that sits under him to listen to his political thrash.

  • May God forgive all those who made nagative comment without listening 2d message. And may God deal mercilessly on those changing words spoken by this pastor.

  • God don’t act the way Tunde Bakare talk. That is not the voice of God rather it is the voice of Satan talking through Tunde Bakare. This is Hate speach against the good people of Igbos. Tafawa Balewa was assassinated by soldiers also Aguiyi Ironsi was also assassinated by soldiers too. Tafawa Belewa was not God. By the way who killed motala Mohammed is it Igbos too. This pastor is a destroyer not a nation builder it is a shame for such foolish talk.

  • How many people among those that took part in that war that are in leadership in igbo Land today, this is a New generation of people and please as a man of GOD,, the Bible teaches forgiveness which general Gowan announced after the war.And if not convinced let them go their way for GOD SAKE.

  • What’s wrong to learn the foundation cause of of a problem? Pastor Bakare was trying to inform you about the reason it became difficult to become a president and you’re attacking him. Is that the solution? Or to find a lasting and final solution for the problems?

    • The moment I saw the headline of the news,I knew that the Igbos will come out enmasse for his head.I have never seen a tribe so full of venom and capacity to abuse ,denigrate and given to buffoonery.Watch the video,they Will not but they will join the bandwagon.A people who always believe they are hated,hunted and disliked.I don’t know how this came to be.Pastor bakare will not be the first nor the last .The tongue of this people is always towards ego and bad mouthing.I wish they have the state they ask for and let’s have some rest.What a cancerous people.?????

      • If they are not hated, hunted and disliked why would you accuse and put on them the act commited generally by Yorubas, , Niger deltans, .midwesterners and igbos and commited specifically by Maj. kaduna Nzeogwu a Midwesterner? When did midwest become Easterner? One can only conclude that all blames is put on the children of the gated wife.. an adage.So Igbos may be right to feel so having experienced same severally.

    • Is people like you those so called pastors (money mongers cum tribalist agents) easily deceive , you can clap for them , as they’re saying according to your cain like mind…

  • Then let them go with their course

    Igbos is the light of Nigeria and nothing can stop it
    I don’t know where all the hatred started , you hate them ,ok , they are coursed, fine , now allow them to go , you still say no
    What is your problem???

  • Igbos are descendants of Abraham, so nobody can curse them. No, you can’t curse God’s Children. God Almighty blesses those who bless his Children and destroy those who troubles his own. No wonder despite abundant human and material resources Nigeria is blessed with, Nigeria is still a country on a life support. Conspiracies against Igbos and killing of millions of innocent Igbos through countless pogroms and genocide before, during and after the Civil war has not been attuned for. No official apology and compensation has been given to Igbos 52 years after the end of Civil war and no official effort towards genuine reconciliation and assimilation of Igbos into main stream political equation of this nation, instead what we are seeing is outright marginalisation, discrimination, wilful dislocation and division of Igbos with the intention of keeping them down and out forever. But you can’t keep a good man down forever. Igbos are extremely intelligent, hard working, gifted and talented, bold, proud, very clever and smart, democratic, creative and fair minded people who loves to accommodate and mix well with other people or tribes. They see the whole world as their constituencies and do extremely well in anything they lay their hands upon. Nigeria will continue to sleep walking in darkness until She does the needful. Igbos don’t need Nigeria to survive but Nigeria need them to develop and thrive.

  • The thing that is ascribed to Pastor Tunde Bakare can tell you the type of men of God that are in Nigeria, 90% politicians and 10% pastors, he has come from seeking the position of vice president to be a prophet who saw how Igbos was cursed so that the Fulani powers will give him vice president in 2023 because they love liars like this pastor.

  • Well,I don’t have any thing to say in this issue rather than to let pastor Bakare know that the Igbos which I am one of them are not coursed and can never be coursed.
    However,if he did say so, may the almighty God bless him and his family.

  • Both you the writer and the preacher has the right to cause the Ndi Igbo,they are God’s people and can never be caused,if you understand military items very well you understand that killing and overthrown is part of them and many Igbo leaders were killed after that,
    Ndi Igbo will rule this country one day,the country will not divide but Nigeria will be rule by an Igbo man very soon.
    Let the go an pray for his family and people.

  • Pastor Tunde why do you allow your self to be used by Satan as an agent of disunity in this country,if i May ask you How many Igbos and other tribes that were killed by hausas that were kept secret till today.
    Instead of preaching repentance ,love, unity and forgiveness which were the evangelical priorities and mandates Christ gave to his disciples to preach but you go on escalating violence more hatred and disunity among the Igbos and Hausas.
    Is this a good message to give to Nigerians this election period . Really i know you hate Igbos too there is no two ways about it.but know this you can’t curse whom you ought to bless other wise it will back 🔥. Remember the story of Balaam and Balaak.
    Mind your pulpit, your vocation and the evangelical priorities of catching fishes (souls)for Christ. Everything should not be politicalized . Reflect deeply on this for now.
    God bless your heart.

  • So disappointing a comment from Bakare, a man with no bearing spiritually. Those that are cursed do not prosper but Igbos are prosperous and will continue to be.The coup that killed Balewa – which was quite wrong, was a pan-Nigerian coup led by Nzeogwu – an Igbo from Okpanam in Delta State so it is gross misrepresentation of facts to term the first 1966 coup as Igbo coup. Then what about the counter-coup that led to the killing of Aguiyi Ironsi by northern soldiers? The North should also be under a curse. Bakare is so unfit to be a leader. His judgements are wrong. Shameful.

  • Ndi-Igbo is too blessed to be cursed,if Bakare actually said the above,I stand as a son of the soil of Ala-Igbo,and the Minister The Most High God to declera him CURSED, and anyone that supports him is cursed together, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

  • This are one of the reasons Christianity is loosing our young men of this present generation to traditional religion and worship because they felt Christianity has fail them. I expect these type of preachings and write-ups from our hiredYoruba and Hausa brothers just because election is around the corner and everything must be done to stop Igbo’s from producing the President of this country. Mr Tunde bakare I don’t want to dig out some of your failed prophecies.Mr preacher you broke the curse that have held Igbo’s down in 1992 according to you, yet you didn’t know that Nigeria is under a serious curse for maltreating igbos.Those tribes that have ruled Nigeria for years comparing them with Igbo’s whom do you think that is under a curse?Let follow facts and stop all these nonsense we called preaching. Look at the present situation of this country the same tribe that are not under a curse according to you has put the whole country on fire blood shed and killings everywhere mostly from the northern part of Nigeria. Know it today Igbo’s are not begging to rule Nigeria but Nigeria will remain under a curse and miserable until they allow Igbo’s to lead this nation. Point of correction Igbos are not under any curse rather Nigeria is under a serious curse and you know it but it unfortunate you have chosen to go the way of Baalam and Cain.

  • Igbos are only here to liberate Nigerians
    Tell, why are Nigeria not bankrupt or face abject recession. The only reason is because the Igbos are still here, if you think otherwise let them to back to their God blessed land of Biafra and see for yourself what will be of this Nation. Think of it, the Igbos owns almost everything that makes this country a civilized Nation, just take a tour to Abuja, Kaduna, Kano or even Lagos. So how then can you say they are cursed, they are not cursed and can’t be cursed. God just allowed them to be part. Of Nigeria so as to develop it and help it from extinction, their time is coming when God will take them back to their country and that time will be for the total liberation of African Nations

  • The cuop wasn’t Igbo cuop. It was done by young Nigerians who wanted a country free of corruption. Kaduna Nzeogwu is an Igbo man, likewise Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. No man can curse Igbo nation because we are blessed of the Lord. Of course, God’s judgement is coming upon this country, Nigeria. Only repentance can save the situation. After death comes eternal judgement. Where are you going after death should bother both the preacher and the heater.

  • Pastor Bakare should concentrate on his calling than fuelling a nation already inflames. Was he there when they gave him drink? Who recorded the comments? Army that were already high? Thank God he did not say God told him. Lies from the pulpit yet many IBO brethren will keep attending the gathering. I come in peace

  • Mr Tunde Bakari pls who killed Aguiyi Ironsi.pls tell me what Ironsi said about their tribe.who killed Murtala Mohammed and what did Murtala say about their tribe. What did Buhari say or felt about Babangida. Was the coup about Igbos or about officers then? Infact, you are just a tribalist.Before I forget what did Babangida say about Oladipo Diya and the yorubas. You are just saying rubbish about the gifted, blessed and industrious Igbos so that someone will pick you from your dream and make you his vice but may God forbbid. Come to the North and see that hausas nd Igbos are the best business partners and no longer talking about Tafawa balewa nd Aguiyi Ironsi nd you are there saying rubbish. I will not abuse you but may God forgive you. It’s only God that will say when an igbo will become president and not you.

  • Pls l want answers to this question,if in a marriage or Union the wife or the husband is cursed and this results to delay in child bearing what do you think should be the way out

  • Mr bakeri , you are still collecting offerings and tithes from cursed Igbo people, the glory of God have departed from you , because of material things you turned the word of God upside down, prophet , Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and others prophecy’s and pray for the best of the land, while you are making mockery of the word of God, we use to respect your personality but you bluntly redicle yourself, please ask God for second chance

  • Pastor Tunde Bakare is frustrated for failing to be vice president of Nigeria. He is not God of the Igbos. His thoughts are not God’s thought. No man can curse the Igbos. God has greater plans for the Igbo more than mere presidency. Bakare should watch out.

  • You are useless man is your family and your generation are cursed.do you Think you can use ibos to promote Yoruba political will and agenda 2022.

    • Please let e everyone listen 1966 coup is never igbo coup read books about coups in Nigeria and
      nzogwu is from south South itonsi was the most senior officer then I a question which curse was
      placed on those who killed ironsi which curse was on those who rape an igbo pregnant woman and open the womb and killed the child and mother pls let us be guided not to mislead the people

  • My Igno brotherrs, please the caption is deceitful… Watch the video; it’s the reverse of the caption. He never cursed the Igbos…
    Let’s be guided please…

  • My Igbo brotherrs, please the caption is deceitful… Watch the video; it’s the reverse of the caption. He never cursed the Igbos…
    Let’s be guided please…

  • My question to him is this. Was he there when Tafawa Balewa said that? You left the word of God that you should preach in order to win souls to God, what you will be there talking is something that is not relevant. Ask for forgiveness of God.

  • Inferiority complex that is killing yorubas over the Igbos,even with so call pastors, whom God bless no one will curse, Time will tell.

  • It’s very unfortunate that you can’t read between lines , this man is a demon 👿 in disguise and you here defending his manipulations. He first said that Aguiyi Ironsi removed Federal from the name of Nigeria and that is part of accumulated errors that is creating problems for us today. U didn’t see that one. The northerners that killed Aguiyi Ironsi tied him on a moving land Rover jeep and dragged him along tarred road alive untill he died, why didn’t he mention that. If that his assumed cause was effective why did Aguiyi Ironsi become the next Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Nigeria. You better wake up the likes of Tunde Bakare are scammers.

  • Those that said they are born again with additional title on themselves should be careful with what they say in the public space.
    But how long will the respected in the society continue to separate us from each other in this Country?.
    Bible says that Divine wisdom is profitable to direct, but Earthly and political wisdom is full of HYPOCRISY, STRIFE , TRIBALISM and DIVISION.
    Indirectly campaigning for who I think is my brother more.
    This is the Corruption of prejudice.

  • Bakare is not a Pastor per se, he is just an orator who has lost his glory when he traded part with the cursed generation in the name of politics. He runs adulterous church and he’s gonna reap the fruits.

  • It was Rueben that slept with his stepmother. Benjamin is the son of the right hand of their father.

    But what is Tunde Bakare insinuating? God is not wicked. God’s Mercy is upon Nigeria and Igbo people are part of it. Tunde’s claims clearly shows he’s not praying for Nigeria’s good. But Nigeria will see a new day.

    Tunde pls note, the Igbo people did not ask to rule Nigeria, no. They asked to be given freedom to reign in Biafra Nation. Igbos want to go out of Nigeria and face their God.
    So, Tunde Bakare, give a voice to the present truth of the Igbo people in Nigeria Nation and stop festering disunity.

  • Since Igbo can not rule Nigeria let Igbo go with Biafra. This foolish, Islamic pastor refused to tell the world that same Tafawa Belewa, Saduana of Sokoto were among people that killed Igbos in Jos 1945, kano 1953, kaduna 1957. Did killing of Igbos in three occasion prevented to become Prime Minister eventhough British rigged himin? It was Igbos fighting for Awolowo got them in, the foolish Islamic pastor will not tell you that.

  • The guy is just looking for relivance at where there’s none! All these so called Pastors are one of the bane of our problems in this Country! Yeye dey smell.!!

  • The writer, is reporting the message of the man of God wrongly, I have gone through some comments in this page to see that some people have not listened to the message properly.

  • Most of you slandering this pastor obviously did not watch the video or you watched it but decided to slander him anyway. This man did not say anything wrong about the igbos nah . Did you even hear the part where he said “who says igbos can’t rule Nigeria? Are they not Nigerians? ” Did any of you hear that? It’s like you just saw the caption by the fraud author of this post and did not bother to watch the video… obviously you don’t have data to watch the video is why you are here saying shit against the pastor.. before you comment, borrow dat if you don’t have money and watch the video

  • If he’s a pastor he wouldn’t curse God’s people and remember anyone that curses the Igbo is already cursed and whosoever blesses the Igbo is already blessed

  • So the whole Igbo nation he is cursing there is no man of God there. Image a so called man of God exhibiting gross tribalism and deep hatred for a whole tribe. That’s his personal desire and prayers for the Igbos but God is not man. Honestly the so called man of God needs deliverance. Ah, his statement is very offensive and too annoying, but God has the final say. Igbos are wonderfully made, God’s own people, and the Royal priest of the Most High and there’s nothing anyman can do to reverse it.

  • The headline to the message is why people are bias and negative of the pastors speech. I am an ibo. Please stop abusive words to the man of God. He never said anything bad about Ibos please. Just watch the video very well, don’t mind the caption please then you will discover that he has no hatred for Ibos. He even prayed to avert the course. God bless you for being positive.

  • Honestly I am not surprised that a yeruba man is saying this,I don’t call him pastor,he is just a criminal.

  • False prophet. Make sure you hear well and follow the Bible. Except the tribe of Levi which God set aside for Levitical obligations, God has not banned any human race from political assignments including presidency. Not to talk a people so dear to God. That Igbos cannot rule Nigeria is completely a prophetic bunkum because, they have ruled already. Check your histihi very well pastor. That you want your 80 years tribesman ” Tinunubu” to clinch the seat must not be allowed to lure you to wear the Satan’s robe. That we have picked the presidential chance in recent times, is because of the hangups against us despite our genuine embrace and faith in true federalism. Take it or leave it; “No other race is more Nigerian than the Igbos.”

  • He that is not cursed what stop him from winning after how many times, once buhari dropped him as vice, buhari scaled through…… People will be so foolish talking trash. Bakare or what you called your self i dont blame you, i only blame the foolish igbos in your so called church that is giving you…

  • Dear Pastor Tunde Bakare its so amazing that you to hear you say this to the people of God!Please know that thr race that are blessed cannot be caused by you……see the change you brought to Nigerians na!

  • I see the downfall of this man starting from today and I see him confessing and apologizing to Igbos both in Nigeria and in diaspora. Mark my word.

  • Hmm, thats a damning statement coming from a pastor , MAY GOD FORGIVE YOU MR BAKARE BECAUSE YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY RECKLESS WITH WORDS.
    I wonder the kind of people that even concregate , listen , and identify with such prophecy.

    Video or no video, that statement (igbos can never rule Nigeria because they are cursed)

    Then, LET THEM GO.


  • Am not surprised at the comments of most people on this platform, but what really baffles me is the tenacity at which curses and vulgar languages are been flung at a man of God for expressing his good will for the ibo’s. The dearth of accurate knowledge and misrepresentation of historical facts has always been a problem when it comes to journalism mostly in these country of ours, according to the late Mko Abiola of blessed memory, No nigeria journalist of today could hardly pass the true test of journalism, misrepresentation of comments and dictios to create a biased situation that is inimical to the personality of the speaker is now the trend.My advice to the average Nigerian is to first watch the video yourself and then comment base on your own understanding, avoid rhetoric it does nobody any good,

  • This is very unfortunate that a man like Tunde Bakare can make this stupid assertion. His so called course by Tafawa Belewa is unverifiable. Tafawa Balewa died of a gun shot , at what time did he placed the course on the lgbos?. Bakere you lied and you must pay dearlyf this falsehoodt you peddle agaist the Igbos. No course was placed on the Hausa/Fulanis that committed genocide against the Igbos, it was placed on the Igbos whose pregnant wives were ripped open with their children harvested by heartless Hausa/Fulanis in the North . I am sorry for you Tunde Bakere. You have codes ended to the extent of fabricating and peeling falsehood. Shame!!!!!!

  • Tunde Bakare I wonder if Tafawa Balewa told so personally if not then you are only misleading the entire populace as a man of God which you claim to be I don’t expect such outburst from you when we have other national issues of interest unattended to. I hope you will still tell us who cursed the North East with bolo haram.

  • Pls; stop cursing God’s man, you are all God’s children.That statement was error jurnalisticaly .He was trying to let you know the mind of the Hausa/Fulani tribe (there believe in not forgiving).Go and meet pastor Bakare,you will hear a different statement

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