I Cheated On My Husband With His Friend And I am Not Sorry- Woman Narrates

I Cheated On My Husband With His Friend And I am Not Sorry- Woman Narrates

My name is Lizzy, a 35-year-old married woman with three lovely children but I must confess that I cheated on my husband with his best friend and I have no regret about that.

In fact, if the opportunity comes again, I will do the same thing and no one will hang me for it. I know many people out there will berate me and call me unprintable names. They will say I have desecrated the sanctity of marriage or that I have destroyed my marital vows.

But when a man cheats on a woman serially, no one sees anything wrong in that but when a woman does it, they will come at her.

Marriage should be an equalizer and not a union where one partner is greater than the other so if my husband cheats on me, what stops me from doing the same?

I got married to Sammy 10 years ago but since then, I have not had peace as he has been cheating on me from day one. Though he is has been a good father and a great husband, one thing with Sammy is that he cannot close his eyes when it comes to women.

He has been sleeping around with different women including my friends and thought I never knew but one thing men do not know is that their wives are always the first to know whenever they cheat.

I can detect his lies and the tell-tale signs are always there but I have always pretended not to know. Whenever he told me that he had to work late or travel out of town on short notices, I knew that there was a new woman he was bedding.

Should I talk about the many times I have seen text messages on his phone from different women and I kept quiet over them so as not to cause problems?

I know how many times I have secretly treated myself after he infected me with sexually transmitted diseases and never mentioned to him.

Sammy even got our landlord’s daughter pregnant and procured an abortion for her and I got to know about it but I kept quiet but the last straw that broke the Camel’s back was when he started dating my best friend secretly and even slept with her on our matrimonial bed.

When I found out, I still pretended that I knew nothing about it but I began planning on how to take my pound of flesh and began working on Stan, his best friend and like most men, Stan fell and I slept with him, not once, not twice.

Yes, I cheated on my husband with his best friend but he pushed me into it. There is nothing attached to it but I will do it again and again if he does not stop.


Dear readers, on True Confession today, do you think Lizzy did anything wrong or is she right in the way she got back at her husband?

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