I Became Close to my Neighbour’s Wife But Now She Is Making Advances Towards Me- Man Laments

I Became Close to my Neighbour’s Wife But Now She Is Making Advances Towards Me- Man Laments
Josh’s soft eyes and charming smiles was enough to spark up his neighbour’s wife emotions. But that was just his nature, he never intended to seduce ladies, even if he wanted to, not his neighbour’s wife. He helped her to run errands and in return she gave him food and sometimes money. Since he was jobless and always at home that became frequent to a point he became close not just to the woman but also to the family.

Whenever they were alone, she made him massage her, but she wanted more than massage; she wanted to feel every inch of his body and was ready to pay him to be his secret lover. But poor Josh almost fell for it as he shared a passionate kiss with her and hated himself afterwards for doing it.

“I became very close to my neighbour’s wife and his family. Initially, I took her like my big sister because she was much older than me and very sophisticated woman. Ordinarily, a small boy like me can’t get close to such a woman. I helped her and her husband to run errands since I had no job and in return they gave me money for my upkeep and she gave me food too. I became very relaxed around her.

We discussed almost everything. She would complain to me that her husband was not caring. She coulddn’t remember the last time the man made her to feel like a woman. She said he didn’t even look at her, he preferred younger girls.

Whenever she made such comments when we were alone at their house, it made me uneasy. I wondered what she really wanted. She was very fat and well rounded. She was obviously beautiful, too. I wondered how the husband managed to make love to such a huge woman, it must be a tiring one for both of them as the husband was also fat with a protrude belly.

“When we were alone, she would change her clothes in front of me, she would ask me to stay if I tried to leave. I knew what she was up to but I told myself I won’t fall for her temptation and I would always be on my guard. But one day, as usual, I was at her place she was on a nightdress that was very revealing and short, too. She said she had pains around her neck. And begged me to massage her. It was not the first time I was massaging her but that day I don’t know what came over me, before I knew what was happening, we were kissing passionately. As she tried to unbuckle my belt. I quickly stopped her.

“Though I enjoyed the kiss. I hated myself that day, I knew I was committing a grievous sin. After that day I was ashamed to face her, I began to withdraw from her.

“One day, she sent for me, I went to her place, and she said she wanted to tell me something. I noticed it was difficult for her to say what was on her mind because she kept beating about the bush. Then she said, she had fallen in love with me. And she loved the way I cared about her and my smiles and eyes captivated her. I laughed out very loud, she said she was serious. I think she was embarrassed the way I laughed. She said I should forget about it. She said she was having one of her mood swings.

“That day, she said she would raise money for me to start a business since I couldn’t get a job, that is, if I accepted to be her secret lover. I told her I could date older ladies but not a married woman who lives right under my nose and who I respected so much. And I don’t need her money but right in my heart I needed that money but I was afraid that it might not end well.

See me, small boy, the husband would just throw me inside cell and forget me there if he finds out I had something with his wife. After that day I distanced myself from her, but she won’t let me be. I only go there now when the children or the husband is around. And she has stopped giving me money. I am happy at the same time sad. And I don’t know why I feel that way, sometimes I think I dulled myself, I would have taken the money she wanted to give me to start a business. Maybe, by now, I would have been a big boy and then too maybe I would have been in a big mess.”

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