How My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me Two Weeks After I Lost My Job- Man Narrates

How My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me Two Weeks After I Lost My Job- Man Narrates

In one of his usual hunts for regular girls at the club to go home with after the night rendezvous with his friends, Bobby got his catch for the night. After the first taste of her, he decided to have her for keeps.

He knew the girl he brought home to stay with him was a crazy girl but he never knew he harbored a thief. She was all sweet and cool with him when the cash and gifts flowed but immediately he lost his job, she disappeared with his valuables. Distrusted Bobby then planned to be mean to every girl that came his way.

“I worked in a communication firm. My friends and I always go to club on Fridays, we visit clubs around Island and Mainland, it depended on our mood and who is hosting the weekend. I can describe my friends as fun lovers. So, it was in one of those hunts for a sexy girl to go home with that I saw her. All my friends have gotten theirs already, they were even trying to hook me up with some regular girls there, but they were not available. They have been booked.

“I saw this girl seated afar off. She was all alone doing her thing. She has been smoking since we entered the club. She was smoking like her life depended on it. I smoke, too, but I am not always comfortable when a lady smokes and drinks heavily. I believe it’s a man’s thing. I drew closer to her; she snubbed me at first. I stayed with her still. I was already drunk, but my instinct wasn’t drunk; it told me something was wrong with the girl, she was looking very sad. Immediately, just to confirm my fears, she burst into tears. She just lost her only brother in an auto accident. She told me amidst tears. I tried to comfort her, you know I was drunk, so in the process the animal in me took over me, I smooshed her, and went for her breasts, she was so hot and sexy, very delicate and soft, too. I don’t know what happened, she gave me a hard slap across my face. It was then my friends came to my rescue.

“I was dead drunk, I apologized to her; at last my friends were able to convince her to go home with us. What we do, the person hosting doesn’t take much drink, because he would be the one in charge of our safety. He would order cars for us to go home with our catch for the night. We paddled along, and I fell deeply in love with her. She was fun to be with, no dull moments and she had a very good sense of humor, after the day hustle I always had someone to crack me up with jokes and rock me to the moon with her skillful romantic moves.

“We were already living together, because I didn’t want to let her out of my sight. I gave her money every day just to discourage her from seeking other men. I ensured she was okay. I knew I couldn’t marry her because of other reasons I don’t want to reveal here but I was enjoying her company.

“Along the line I lost my good paying job. I was devastated and depressed, staying at home during working hours was not normal for me. Sometimes I had to leave home, dressed as if I was going to work just to escape from boredom. On one of the days I went out, I came back to an empty house. This girl cleared almost everything in my house. Thank God she didn’t know my debit card pin, she would have gone with it also.

“I don’t have a job now and no girlfriend. Right now I have made up my mind not to trust any girl again and sure not to be kind to any of them.”

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