How I Fell In Love With A Prostitute And Hoping To Change Her- Man Narrates

Fell In Love With A Prostitute Hoping To Change Her

Efosa’s initial intention was not to fall in love with a prostitute; he just wanted to have fun with this lady that caught his attention at the bar where he was enjoying himself with a chilled drink and well grilled meat. After a one night stand with her, he longed to be with her more, he fell in love with her in total abandonment, not minding the kind of life she was living.

He thought in his heart she would stop selling her body for money if he took care of her and made her his woman. Even after giving birth to his child, she still patronised brothels and wore demeaning dresses – clothes worn only by prostitutes. To her, the savouring sense of freedom is better than been tied to one man in the name of marriage.

“I knew she was into prostitution, not the type that stands along the road in wait for a client as they called it. She worked in a hotel and did her thing in a coded way. The first day I saw her, I wondered in my heart what a girl like her would be doing there, working in a hotel. She looked expensively beautiful and she had a lovely body built. She was chubby with satin silky skin, just as if she was from another planet. I thought she won’t give me an audience because I knew beautiful girls to be snobs, but when I called her she came and gladly gave her number to me. That same day we had sex and I paid her.

From her attitude, I knew she was a regular call girl. Afterwards I told her she must stop working in the hotel, and promised to start a business for her but she told me she enjoyed working there not because of the salary but other side attractions. She said she didn’t touch her salary. She took care of herself and siblings from money she made on a daily basis. Her dressing was another thing entirely. I told her to dress responsibly. That, too, she said she couldn’t stop. She walked about in very tight micro-mini skirts or shorts, with a top that barely covered her breasts. Her dresses were usually tight and too revealing.

“I wanted her to change because I loved her and wished to make her my wife. Aside from these things she was doing, she had a very good heart, and was always happy. She had a heart like that of a child. I tried all I could to make her live responsibly. I succeeded in stopping her from working at the bar because she got pregnant for me.

But even with her pregnancy, she would still flirt around. Now she has given birth, she is worse. I couldn’t wed her because my families were against it and she too didn’t want to be tied to me; according to her, marriage was not her thing and she didn’t believe in love. She said she wanted freedom. She told me straight up that she was happy when she wore those clothes that barely covered her body and hung out with guys. I just had to pretend I didn’t see her when she dressed like a harlot to go out.

“I am an electrical engineer. I am not always around. I travel to different states because of my job. Whenever I am not around, people tell me that she would always drop our eight month old baby with her sister and move about with her girlfriends from one bar to another like sheep without shepherds. I am totally tired of her behaviour. I thought childbearing would change her, but no, it has not changed her a bit. She still sleeps around shamelessly. As it is, we are together but in my heart we have separated a long time ago. I wish she could change; if not, I will just have to let her go.”

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