How A Boy I Met On Facebook Proposed But Later Found Out He Had Slept With My Friend- Lady Narrates

I’m pretty anxious and don’t know what to do now. I met an awesome guy on Facebook some few months ago. We’ve been friends on Facebook for some time now until recently we started chatting.

We later exchanged contact and decided to meet for a drink. After the first drink, we’ve met twice in two different places. He’s a cool guy with a huge sense of humor and oozes confidence in the way he talks. We’ve been chatting a lot since our first meeting until he proposed to me about a week ago which I accepted.

The problem is, I don’t know a lot about this guy so when I realized he was mutual friends with a lady I know so well, and have seen both of them exchanging comments on each other’s status update, I decided to contact this my lady friend hoping she could tell me something about this guy if she knew any.

I reached her on phone and asked if she knew the guy and she immediately answered; “Oh I know him. We’ve even had sex couple of times.” She didn’t end there, she went ahead to describe how the guy is endowed and how good he is in bed and how the guy was able to make her go crazy during sex and later asked me: “have you slept with him too?”

Alice, there is something about the way she said it that makes me doubt if she’d really slept with him. On the other hand, this lady friend sleeps around a lot and is not someone to throw empty words around. Now I don’t know what do. I don’t want the guy to know I spoke to someone else about him. I don’t want to spoil this beautiful thing that we’ve started but I’m also worried knowing the guy has slept with this lady. What if that’s what he goes about doing? Alice, Please, tell me what to do

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