I Soaked Onions In Water Overnight And Drank It In An Empty Stomach, This is What Happened

Onions are those important foods that we add daily to our main meals everyday. It helps to give grate taste to food and also improve the scent of the food thus giving it a good aroma. The use of onions is not only in food but they are diverse.

Onions has healthy and beauty benefits too and there are many more things you can do with onions like removing stains and rust. In this article am going to share with you the healthy benefits of drinking soaked onion water in the morning.

Onions has alot of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. These boosts health and fights off Infections and inflammations as it also contains antioxidants. The antioxidants present in the onions is great for your heart healthy as it decreases the cholesterol level.

The antioxidants is good for preventing cancer and diabetes. Consumption of onions also may help lower your blood sugar levels. It will also help improve bone healthy and mineral density.

The antibacterial properties in the onions helps to fight bacteria in the body. Drinking onion water it can help even boost your digestion process.

Slicing onions soaking them in water over night. Here is how I do it to get all the benefits of onions.

I cut my onions into small slices, that is after peeling it. I put the slices into a cup full of water and leave it to soak overnight to absorb all the nutrients from the onions to the water. In the morning I remove the onions slices and drink the plain onion water in an empty stomach.

After taking these onion water for 3 days then here is what happened to me.

It helped to improve my digestion alot by reducing bloating and Constipation.

You can drink the water or else you can use it to wash your hair thus will help improve the hair growth and hair breakage.

The onion water generally improved my healthy due to its high antioxidants in it.


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