Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Fingers On A Woman’s Private Organ During Intimacy

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Getting intimate with your partner in a relationship is important because, it has a lot of benefits. Some people practice foreplay to help lubricate the private organ, before they start to get intimate. Some men may use their fingers to touch a woman’s private organ during intimacy, and it is not healthy. According to a research, you may pass different kinds of infections from your fingers, to a woman’s private organ.

This article will look at some infections you may pass from your fingers, to a woman’s private organ. They include the following:

1. Human papillomavirus

This virus can be passed through skin contact and those who are active when it comes to intimacy, are likely to get it. According to a research, people who have genital human papillomavirus may have the virus under their fingernails. The rate of passing this virus from the fingers to the private organ is low, or it is unlikely to happen.

2. Other infections gotten from intimacy

You may still pass gonorrhoea from your fingers to the private organ. This infection can be mainly gotten through intimacy. According to a research, it may occur and it may not occur through the fingers. Herpes can be passed from the fingers to the private organ. It can be transmitted through touching an open sore.

It is important that you use gloves or finger cots, if you want to touch a lady’s private organ with your fingers, to avoid passing an infection. It is important that you visit a doctor, if you notice signs of an infection in your private organ.

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  1. Thank you for advice dear doctor,I was among the people who have been using it but from now be stopped it.Thank you dear.

  2. But not really, because if a finger can pass that infection that means the infection is already to their respective organs then stop lying that the infection was passed by fingers, unless you are saying that you can pass the infection from the private part to the mouth that one can be likely to happen.

  3. If you tell me that that virus or infection may be found in your fingers ,where doyou suppose if was gotten? Despite the fact the the infection mentioned is always residing to the private part

  4. Thank you for the teaching, I had the experience of the infection few days ago but on the treatment now, will be more careful about that from now. Thank you once again

  5. I didn’t know that, it is a lesson. But I usually wash my hands immediately after having sex . Haven’t experienced any kind of infection.

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