Why You Should Stop Taking Agbo Jedi Herbal Medicine According To Medical Experts

Before Reading, You Are Entitled To Your Own Opinion, The Expert Reason Can Be Questioned If You Found it to be Delusional.

Studies conducted by the world health organization has shown that, 80 percent of Africans depend on herbal medicine which serves as their primary healthcare medication.

Herbal medicine are also popular amongst Nigerians and till today many people still place more trust in herbal medicine than in modern drugs.

Most herbal medicine are made from a mixture of herbs, roots, barks, leaves etc. One of the most popular herbal medicines in Nigeria is called, Agbo Jedi. This medicine is very popular amongst the Yorubas and the people of the south west in general.

All drugs including, modern drugs have side effects. However, why it seems that local medicines like agbo jedi are more harmful is because of, the sanitary conditions under which they are prepared, the prude way they are package, the multi-purpose nature, the lack of adequate dosage and the absence of a definite expiration time.

All these factors can pose a serious health risk to consumers of agbo jedi especially, the long time avid drinkers of this herbal medicine.

Here Are Four Side Effects Of Agbo Jedi According To Medical Experts

1. Liver Damage: the liver is a very important body organ that is primarily responsible for, filtering out harmful substances and toxins from the body. Since there is no universally stipulated dosage for agbo jedi, people who drink it have a risk of drinking overdose which can end up overworking their liver.

When the liver is overloaded with toxins coming from the excess consumption of agbo, it can cause liver problems.

2. Kidney Problems: the kidney is primarily responsible for, removing waste products from your body which it expels through the, urine. Since there is no generally accepted quantity of agbo to be consumed, people can easily consume too much which can stress out their kidneys, and load it with toxins which can lead to kidney problems.

According to the clinical director of St Nicholas Hospital Lagos, Dr Ebun Bamgbose, most of kidney failures could be associated with the indiscriminate use of this concoction.

3. Diarrhea And Vomiting: diarrhea is a situation inwhich a person experiences uncontrollable bowel movement which usually has a watery texture. Vomiting on the other hand, occurs when a person throws up the undigested contents of their stomach through their mouth.

The unsanitary way some people produce this herb and the prude packaging can allow germs to enter the herb which can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

4. Death: the ultimate danger associated with drinking agbo jedi is death according to, medical experts.

When people abuse agbo for a considerable period of time, it can cause damage to major organs like the liver which if not taken care of, can likely lead to death. 

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