See What Prophet Muhammad Said About Christians And The Jews Before He Died

It is no longer news or a secret that prophet Muhammad placed curses on both Jews and Christians while he was on his sick bed and about to die. The curse he placed on them was meant to hinder them because, according to him, they built altars on the graves of prophets and kill the prophets Allah sent to them. In the hadith bukhari, it is narrated, “May Allah’s curse be on the Jews and the Christians for they build places of worship at the graves of their prophets.”

(By that) he intended to warn (the Muslim) from what they (i.e., Jews and Christians) had done. Muhammad was bold enough to place curses on the Jews and Christians because he believed that Jesus Christ (Isa) was just a prophet to only the Jewish people, while he, prophet Muhammad, Allah’s apostle, is sent as a prophet to the whole world. Being the last of the prophets, Muslims believe that Muhammad is the greatest of all prophets, the seal of prophets.

Nevertheless, the curse did not prevail on the Jews and Christians because till today, the Jewish people are popular and very intelligent people. People like Albert Einstein, Arieh Warshel, Richard Feynman, Dan Shechtman, Aaron Ciechanover, Avram Hershko, etc are just a few examples of Jewish people and all these are Nobel Prize winners.

Jewish people are generally regarded as one of the most intelligent set of people in the world, and this is why Albert Einstein’s brain was preserved for research. Regarding this, a foremost academic journal wrote, “Is it possible for your ancestry, religious affiliation, or nationality to determine your intellect? According to a study performed by Cambridge University called, From Chance to Choice: Genetic and Justice,” Ashkenazi Jews have a median IQ of 117. Certainly, people who are cursed cannot progress in such magnitude. In the field of military, medicine, education, innovation, science etc, the Jews stand out. Instead of the curse of prophet Muhammad to manifest, what is happening is rather opposite. They are being blessed above others. 

Similarly, the prophet also placed curses on Christians, saying that they built altars on the graves of saints, nevertheless, Christianity continues to dominate the world religions over the years. Many people believe that Islam would have overtaken Christianity long time ago, but terrorism in Islamic countries always put their population under check and balance.

The prophet did not foresee that Islam would be riddled with extremism or terrorism as the Taliban, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, Isis, Al-Qaeda have done. These terrorists organizations are the cause of hundreds of deaths all over the world on a daily basis. Christians have managed to stay strong and ahead, despite the curse prophet Muhammad placed on them while he was on his sick bed and about to die. Was it a curse propelled by hatred, or was it actually God who told him to place curses on them? Well, your answer I guess is as good as mine. 


  1. Mohammed himself is under curse because he misled many people, that’s why I pitied those following him blindly,

    1. Why are u so stupid na can they say that to your religion ,why are u Christians always ryde Islam and Muslims
      God forgive them for they did not
      Know what dey are doing
      The Lord shall forgive uooooo

  2. No one can curse whom God has blessed. The blessings of God upon Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can never depart from the generation. Sure!

  3. Emmanuel your very stupid man how could you say that Mohammed is also curse stupid person don’t even called him like that nonsense….


    1. @ELHAAJ
      Because Muslims aren’t afraid of death, they should go about killing the innocents right?
      And in your ignorance you believe your Muslims brothers that kill randomly, will go to Paradise when they leave this world?
      Some of you act as if you have actually gone to Heaven to take statistics of the number of your Muslims that are there.

  5. What belongs to God, chosen by God will bless,forgive and always be a peace maker,but what belongs to the world, chosen by people will preach fever, hatred division,wars causes etc.Each tree planted will yiel its own fruit, mango tree planted will never yiel oranges, a sheep will never give birth to a people with eyes do not behave like blinds. Each one gives account of himself. Be blessed.

  6. Is there any CURSE worst than WHEN, Jesus refered to the NON JEWS as GENTILES, (unclean) PIGS,DOGS( math. 15 verses 24-26),BROTH OF VIPERS and you FAITHLESS AND PERVERT GENERATIONS. And in Mathew 16 verses 23,
    Where he refered to PETER as SATAN.

    1. That is where you Muslim got is wrong, the holy bible is full of proverbs my dear, He wasn’t speaking to Peter but was talking to the Satan speaking through Peter. Bible is a spiritual book ok

    1. It seems Christians don’t know the difference between curse and Blessing. Satan the most intelligent among the Archangels has swore to swerve man from knowing God. This is why they believe in fake book written by those who didn’t know Jesus. See Mat 9:9 & conclusion of John. Let me tell you Christians,that t other disciple who Jesus loves is the Apostle and blood Brother of Jesus called Jose/ Joseph and it’s Jesus Who gave him the name Barnabas. He is the only one whom Jesus instructed to jot down his Gospel. The curses Jesus rained on Isreal and Christians are more than that of Mohammed. God also cursed them. That is why all the Nation surrounding Isreal lack intelligent because they are Blessed and Pampered by God. God The Merciful created us in His image and only through suffering/ deprivation do we align with His Intelligent ” partly though” eg.Japan. Paul packaged Roman idol replacing it with Jesus to ganner followership at the time he was losing face amongst the Jews his origin. I will reveal more on the Facebook page God’s Religion. And release many extract from the authentic Gospel of Jesus as written by his brother and Apostle Barnabas. Check the ACT of (fake) Apostle 4:36 thatwas written by Paul and his physician Luke. Do you know that Mary the mother of Christian God gave birth to many boys and girls for at least three husbands? Such as Jesus, James, Simon, Judas, Jose, Mary mother of John Mark etc and most of them were the first group of Apostle that followed Him unquestionably. Read your Bible with intelligence and not as a dunce pls.

  7. Which book does that Hadith belongs to a very stupid post like this is one of the major problems on earth. Go and understand Islam not Muslims cos Islam is perfect and Muslims aren’t. Furthermore, those terrorists groups u talking about does not satisfy any xtics in Islam so they shall pay for every thing they have done. May God guide us and give us peace of mind

  8. There are things many do not know about life and the way God works. When people are caused they tend to be perceived as prosperous in earthly acquisitions and gains. Old Egypt was cursed yet they were tyrants to old Isrealites. God left Isreal under the tyranny for over a thousand years and kept calling them his people and choosing them for his messages. Another example, same Isreal under the tyranny of Germany led A Hitler. A the moment Isreal is tyranizing the Palestinians and by the way God works, it is the downtrodded that is favoured by God. So do not be deceived. Yehoshuah and his true followers were tyranized under the Romans. So the seemingly prosperous in worldly acquisitions are the cursed spiritually.

  9. Sura 46:9
    The man
    who cursed ,was not sure where he would end up eternally.So also the followers.
    Followers of the blind will surely endup in the pit of hell.Sura 19:71-72

  10. So why are his followers brutal and doing the opposite of what he preached, they are responsible for ⅔ of the world’s death

  11. Yes religion is just man dogmatic and doctrines I believe in Spirituality because Spirituality is all about the spirits not human just like Religion is all about Jesus Christ and Mohammed!

    1. Don’t compare Christ and Muhammad do you no how many people Muhammad killed in Saudi Arabia before taking over if tell me David please don’t bring the name Christ and Muhammad close

  12. He was cursed by cursing them.
    Genesis 12:2-3 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:
    And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  13. It is you, this writer, ur pastors and the entire christiandom who is under a curse; you modern day idol worshippers!. Ur pastors and the very foundation of Christianity is shaby and full of flaws yet u have guts to open ur gutter mouth to utter rubbish against prophet Muhammad..Big fool like u who reads every nonsense online and believes it because the nonsense conforms with their inherent hatred of Islam. So u are foolish enough as to believe a post written by a confused Christian bigot?, you must b a confused bigot yourself, lost people, keep being lost untill the day Jesus comes to dent you all!!!

    1. Do t me me the writer, he his gullible. He knows nothing but wanted to cause fight and hatred. This man(writer) is not suppose to be human

  14. All those words you referred to as curse. Was used as analogy. It’s words use to differentiate some of the people in those days. Read it down, Jesus still blessed them because of there faith in him.

  15. A dying man who has a glimpse of paradise will not see evil but good. Mohammed evil mind confirms where hes headed after death. No evil source can generate good. Devil has deceived so many with counterfeit religion the devil delivered to his agent to lead souls to hell.

  16. I love Prophet Muhammad (saw). And I love Prophet Isa(Jesus) AS. And I love every Prophet of Allah swt. It is my responsibility as a Muslim, and more also Islam does not teach us to insult others religion and That’s what differentiate us from non believers (Kafir). So it’s better to know what Islam really means.. Islam comes from the Arabic word’s Salam which means peace.And this peace signified to The total submission to the will of Allah and his Messengers.

    1. You are the first person that have been saying something peace here to me all of them are just fighting with what they don’t understand.even the Bible said my people are perish because they lack wisdom,when we get to heaven we will know the truth from the truth himself.just follow what your parents, parents give you that all

  17. Is that how you understand these verses of bible? Jesus did not curse them. He compared them to pigs and dogs because their attitudes towards God were faulty. Look at pigs for example, no matter how you take good care of them and clean them up, they will still go and play in the mould. And dogs will always go to eat their vomits. So, he was telling those people the kind of nature they had.
    About Peter, if you read that verse properly with understanding you will realize that Jesus was not talking to Peter directly. Jesus was rebuking the evil spirit talking through Peter. That was what happened my brother. Don’t forget, when Jesus was about to die, he didn’t curse anyone, even those that crucified Him, rather He forgave them and prayed for them which Muhammad didn’t do.

  18. Is there any difference between islam and muslim? They are just the same devil so don’t be decieve. Is just like Jesus and God,so islam muslim belong to the same category.

  19. Why are you all committing sin like this just read and shut up did the writer ask for comment.evn the Yoruba people fast to hear but slow to answer nobody knows who is right and wrong we are all following what our parents, parents follow that is all.God forgive us all

  20. Nice one sir faruq…Sir am confuse here..I have a question.Is it not same Muslims that said or that keep on saying that killing is among the Islam religion that once Muslims kills,they will be issued a place in aljana(Heaven)??…

  21. Hmmm, what a pity, this is the major causes of problem in the while world now. I don’t expect any Christians or Jews to believe this write up, ever since I have known what Islam is, I never see anywhere Prophet Muhammed (PBHH) ever said this or lay any cause the n any one. Is it the prophet that said No Muslim will enter paradise if they do bad or evil to their neighbours either traditional worshippers or anyone will now say this. Let the writer bring the specific Hadith and quite the source, the narrator and numbered of the Hadith. I will never do evil to anyone and pray to die as a Muslim. Please be wise

  22. I like the way everyone defended their faiths. From all indications, the Muslim folks believe this post is baseless as there is no proof where it is written that their prophet Muhammad cursed either the Jews or the Christians.

    My conclusion: Even if the Jews and the Christians were cursed, the blood of Jesus has rendered it null and void.

  23. The curse was simply,back to sender, and as you can see Islamic religion is a forced one, it’s either Quran or sword Christian is the most peaceful religion, and God in his infinite mercy and Grace will greatly keep us safe and sound Amen.

  24. .May Allah forgive everyone of us.

    The writer of this post and the admin that allows it without thinking of the outcome is the problem of this issue.

    I believe if u want d best for ur platform, u most always be transparent and not into tribalism or religion crises.

    As a Muslim, if u know more Abt islam, issues like dis needs peaceful responses cos both writer and most commentators are astray, so u need not to fight nor course Dem but to pray for them or guid Dem to the right path.

  25. As a Christian, if u wish to know more abt d good or bad about the Holy prophet Muhammed Solallahu a’alayhi wasalam, just try and get Quran of ur choice, there are many that are translated to ur best languages, pick ur choice, read from a to z, just assume u re reading stories or novel, den u will know the different btw Muslim and Islam, false message against Islam and Prophet Muhammad and also the truth Abt Islam.

    In conclusion, I’m not saying this to support or against any religion but for everyone to know the truth Dan listening to fake religious leaders that are advertising their businesses in the name of religion.

    The Bible says:- u shall know d truth and d truth shall set u free.


    May Almighty Allah guide us all to the Right path. Allahuma ameeen.

    Bless u all sir/ ma.


  26. Allah as said it all in Quran and Bible when it is evening of life there will be fake prophets like this rightup unnecessary war like the were seeing it, so have rebuked asheetan Satan awuzubillah minashaitoni rogeem .

  27. Actually,we Muslims cannot blem you for all you are saying as you are ignorant of Islam you are only sentimental,what alqaida,Boko Haram isis and the likes are not practicing the Islam properly, infact some of this group even been sponsored by world Jews and Cristian just to tarnish the true religion (Islam), nevertheless those who go to real Islamic teachers have converted to Islam,so if you want know what Islam is go to the scholars so that you understand Islam better not just to judge Islam by the activities of the Alqaida,Boko Haram isis and the likes.May Allah continue to bless us.

  28. Islam or Muslims are the only virus religion that’s tormenting the whole world, but I can’t blame the followers because the prophet himself secured all his followers during his time with AK 47 and all other ammunition’s which is totally different from how Jesus Christ peacefully and with the help of Holly spirit secured his own followers. That’s why all their country are never peaceful. The same believers that can bombed themselves inside mosques? There’s nothing they cannot do to other religion believers. Mohammed was seeing Hell and Jesus Christ when he was about to die, that was why he started the cursing without knowing that He is the Prince of Peace and the Lord of Long

  29. Death is a must for everybody born of a woman. But if you’re not that important in the terrestrial world then there will be no reason for your birth. So Christianity shouldn’t blind our mind of reasoning. Many death Christian suffered today are as a of ignorance. For instance, a bandit enter your house, kill your children , rape your wife and beheaded her in the presence of the children and you called this humility or Christianity. Let me put this to you, if you have strength to kill a bandit who has come to kill your children and your wife will you allow him have his WILL because you’re a Christian.
    Wisdom is a principal thing and not fear of death.

  30. Whether the Muslim doctrine believes it or not, Jesus Christ is the son of God and not a prophet like mortal Mohammed, is it because He humbled himself and came in form of man that’s why u guys think u can equate him with mohammed that was born more than 500yrs after the reign of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ resurrected from death, never to die again, he is immortal, but ur mortal mohammed can never resurrect .. Most of u Muslims know the truth Sha but cannot accept it because of fear of death from ur caliphates.. Finally if no one believes in Jesus Christ, woe and condemnation to that soul because He is coming again with fire to judge all of us, repent and believe in the gospel, Hell and Heaven is real!!!

  31. God will forget u all . no one has no right to fight or bad comments on the prophets or in favour of God (Allah).. Let hold on to peace

  32. Prophet Muhammad was a man of peace he also recognize Jews and Christianity and he forther said inside the Jews there are good people and inside Christianity also has good people we shall keep our trust in them therefore mahammad was a man of peace and wisdom

  33. You cursed already, you are deluded and example of twice the child of hellfire. Prepare your evil soul is going to be a fuel for hellfire, you are a daft person as to insult the final messenger of Allah , you are doomed because you will never make it to heaven, your final abode is hellfire.

  34. This is an insult to all Muslims around the world, particularly Nigerias bcos that is where you are living.

    And your words amount to the violation of fundamental right of all Nigerian Muslim, which is highly protected under section 38 (1 to 4) of 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended.

    Emmanuel How do you feel if I used the insulting words, hate speech or the same word you uttered against your beloved prophet jesus ( Isa), which we Muslims respect him and love him as a one of the highest ranking prophet before our prophet Muhammad ( SAW).

    If not because am a Muslim and our religion Islam stop us from hate speech, insult or any kind of bad words against any person not only a prophet, I will used the same words against your believe as a religion.
    But I will not be like you, cos you show your total ignorance in life as well as laws of Nigeria.

    So, I urge you to apologise all Muslim.
    I if you kept repeating such nonsense, we will prosecute you before a court of law.

  35. Just as ur father and mother are the most useless people on earth, the wrier write nonsense, and as stupid as u are u don’t even knw anything… Bastard like u…

  36. The author of this piece is even a terrorist, this is a pen terrorism. The question we should all ask is: what do you want to achieve with this?

  37. U have spoken well my brother, judgement is of the lord, so who are we to meddle into words that were translated and added for our understanding. God bless us all. Shalom

  38. It is obvious that the write is trying to cause hatred and catastrophe btw Islam, Christianity and the jews. These are the type of people causing problems between nation’s today. They just come out with lies and fine-tune it. We Muslims don’t make pictures of our prophets, so I don’t know where he get dat bcus dats not my prophet. Our beloved prophet will never curse someone except dat d person has done some heinous. Like we have something like dis. Woe unto someone who eats the wealth of an ophan unjustly when entrusted to. Something like dat is reprimanding someone for doing that and preventing others not to do dat. So whoever dat wrote dis should pls not spread hatred, enmity, anger into the heart of people. And for those who read we should not be quick to judge, we should find out what we have read is correct before we judge. Bcus the media is there to receive the naive ones.

  39. You don’t know what you are saying, who told that Mohammed (pbuh) is under curse? Bring your evidence and more so the prophet you are talking about has never utter any bad or harsh words instead he was a blessing to the whole world and the best leader ever emerged on the surface of the earth. Go and read the true history of him (pbuh)

    1. How can you prove that, which best prophet, are you not seeing what his teaching has caused in the world til today

    1. Are u afraid?but its a must..U must die either old or young u must..So don’t be afriad n instead be prepared & do good

  40. Thats not d pic of prophet Muhammad mr writter..Must u guys abuse him all d time?how many times have u seen a muslim writting bad things about jesus?cant u just allow us practice our religion with peace? despite all ur bad sayings about d prophet & islam,d religion islam kips growing..So let enviness n jealosy of that kill u guys

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