Lawmakers Salaries too Low says Senate President, Ahmad Lawan

Nigeria’s Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, on Monday, publicly announced the salaries and compensation fees of members of the National Assembly to the public in Abuja.

Lawan stated this in a paper presented at the First Distinguished Parliamentarians Lecture Series organised by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies.

According to Lawan, he said the President Muhammadu Buhari, has outdone his predecessors on assent to bills.

The President of the Senate revealed the monthly Salary of a Senator to be N1.5 million while that of a member of the House of Rep at N1.3 million.

He further said that the N13 million thrown into the public space a few years back as the monthly salary of a Senator was actually their quarterly office running allowance.

When calculated the N13m office running cost for a Senator amounts to N52m per year, while the N8m for a member of the House of Representatives amounts to N32m annually.

Lawan noted that the N13m and the N8m quarterly office running cost for each member of the Senate and House of Representatives respectively, were the lowest of Presidential democracy when compared with other nations.

These allowances according to him, are meant to cover costs of local/international travel, consulting of professional services, medical services, office stationeries/computers, consumables, books, newspapers, magazines, maintenance of motor vehicles and office equipment among others.

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