He Gave Me N500 And Started Sleeping With Me 3 Times In A Week Until I Got Pregnant- 15yr-Old Girl

He Gave Me N500 And Started Sleeping With Me 3 Times In A Week Until I Got Pregnant- 15yr-Old Girl

A 15-year-old girl identified as Aisha has granted an interview with PUNCH to narrate the assault that she experienced at a tender age. Aisha says she is a JSS2 pupil of Dutse Safe Community. She became a mother at the age of 15 after an ugly experience with an officer of the Nigeria Customs Service who has now absconded and refused to take responsibility of the child.

Narrating how the incident happened, Aisha says she was living with her parents in Kano before she had an encounter with a man who goes by the name Ibrahim, a custom officer in Katsina.

She says that this man, Ibrahim used to come to their village in Customs Uniform and sometimes Customs Operational Vehicle. Ibrahim paid her family a visit one day and when he was leaving, he gave Aisha N500 to buy local wheat for him. She said she bought it and called him that she had bought it. Ibrahim told her that it was late already and Aisha should share it with her siblings.

Ever since Ibrahim gave her that fura (local wheat), Aisha says he has been disturbing her afterwards. One fateful day, Ibrahim visited their house with his Customs Operational Hilux Vehicle and told her that he wanted to take her somewhere. Aisha says that was the day he raped her.

She says Ibrahim took her to an obscured corner and forcefully slept me. The 15-year-old girl says that Ibrahim promised that he would marry her. He would visit her at anytime he liked and take her to a corner where he would sleep with her. She said he slept with her 3 times in a week before she became pregnant and Ibrahim absconded.

When she became pregnant, her family called Ibrahim to inform him and initially, he was picking their calls but later he refused to pick the calls again. The girl says the pressure from her family became too much, so she ran away to meet Ibrahim’s friend, Officer Idris. Idris told her to return to her parent because something might happen to her due to her condition.

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She later met a lady, Khadijat who works at Queen Dijah Women and Children Awareness. This lady has been taking care of Aisha since she got pregnant and put to bed few months ago. She has written several petitions to get justice for Aisha. Aisha says that all what she wants is for Ibrahim to take responsibility of his child (She gave birth about four months ago) and also marry her because no one would want to marry her again.

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