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Lady Says She Is A Virgin But Makes A U-turn When A Man Offered To Give Her N10,000 If She’s Not (Video)

A beautiful lady decided to change from being a virgin after a young man said he would give her money if she answers his question without telling a lie.

A few hours ago, Tunde Ednut shared a video of a young man and a beautiful lady online. In the video, the young man was spotted with a lady wearing Jean trousers and a blacktop. The man told the lady that he wants both of them to play a game and the lady accepted. The guy said he would ask the lady a question but the lady should be truthful with her answer, and the lady said no problem.

The young man asked: “What is your name?

The lady replied: ” My name is Esther.

Man: “I want us to play a game. In this game, I will credit you N10k if you don’t lie.

Lady: Okay.

Man: Are you a virgin?

Lady: Yes.

Man: I would have given you N10,000 if you were not a virgin but I can not give you because you are a virgin.

Lady: Come again, what did you ask?

Man: I said, are you a virgin?

Lady: No

The moment the lady heard that she was going to get N10,000 if she was not a virgin, she quickly changed from being a virgin.

What do you think about the lady’s reaction?

Do you think she likes money that was she didn’t say the truth?

What is your opinion in this regard?

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