Shatta Wale Attack Rema, for Saying He Needs 10 Ghanaian Women to Ease His Mind

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has slammed young Nigerian singer Rema for disrespecting Ghanaian girls with his tweet claiming he alone will take 10 girls when he arrives tomorrow saying it’s a nonsense tweet from him.

Rema is set to perform at Afrochella tomorrow and confirming his arrival in Ghana tweeted that he’s going to have 10 girls once he lands in Ghana to ease his mind and Shatta Wale who finds that insulting has slammed him over that.

Shatta Wale replied to his tweet saying what he wrote is a total disrespect to our Ghanaian women asking whether he doesn’t have money to go for a massage that he needs 10 women to ease his mind before performing at Afrochella.

Shatta Wale then went hard saying he should come and chop because he alone has cassava all in the name of being a star telling him his tweet is a nonsense tweet and using Ghanaian ladies in such a comment is like he’s spitting on the dignity of Ghanaians.

Shatta Wale is already fighting Nigerians for not reciprocating the love and support given them by other African artists and now Rema has added more insult to the injury by disrespecting Ghanaian women with his tweet which made him go hard on him

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