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I Hawked Fufu For My Mother, But Disliked Being Called A Fufu Seller’s Son -Senator Adefuye

Senator Anthony Adefuye, a Third Republic senator and Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has revealed some details regarding his childhood and family. The politician and philanthropist shared his story during his recent interview with TVC News.

It is believed that many of the successful people popularly admired today had to experience various challenges at different stages of their life. However, some people have encouraged others by sharing their grace to grace stories.

Narrating his story, Engineer Anthony Adefuye said, “I come from a polygamous family, and many families were polygamous at the time. My father had four wives, and each wife had to cater to her children. It was the mother’s responsibility to pay for the child’s needs at the time, and I was very close to my mother.

Some people often referred to us as Mother and Child Nigeria ltd. My mother sold commodities in the market, and fufu was one of such goods. I used to prepare the fufu after returning from school. I would separately transport firewood, fufu leaves, and the fufu itself within Oke Suna and Ebute Elefun.

I can cook better than any woman. However, I disliked that my mates called me ‘Omo oni fufu’ (child of a fufu seller). This act got me angry and discouraged me from attending colleges in the area. I sought to be admitted in a boarding school so that I would stop hawking fufu.”

Adefuye has served as a member of the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) in Lagos.

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