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I Will Never Forgive My Parents For Doing This Unforgivable Act To Me, Lady Narrates

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that life is unpredictable no matter how well we plan. This was the case for a 22-year-old and her parents. Just like any other child, Marita was born normal and was living with her parents. However, when she turned three her life completely changed. It was after one fine evening after playing with her mates when she went home and her body temperature was exceedingly high and her eyes also had turned yellow.

Mauriciana her grandmother then rushed her to the hospital upon seeing her state. This however yielded no fruit as the doctors after injecting her, the body started to develop a lot of black spots. After being transferred to several hospitals with no help, Marita’s body started to dry up.

This is when the doctors suggested that her legs should be amputated or Marita will lose her life and after the surgery she became completely fine and wasn’t ailing anymore.

According to her they lived in a neighborhood where a number of the neighbors practiced witchcraft . Marita who now lives with her grandmother, says that witchcraft is the reason why she lost both her legs.

Back at home, Marita’s parents were fighting saying that one of them is responsible what is happening to their daughter and when they fail to come to a positive conclusion, they parted ways. According to Afrimax, the parents parted ways because they were scared that the witchcraft would hunt them after their daughter. They ran away to places and never came back.

Marita says that she will never forgive her parents for abandoning her when she needed them the most and she ain’t sure if she wants to see them.

According to Marita, the disability is also the reason why her parents separated. This is according to her mother who visited her once since she was abandoned by them. Since Marita was abandoned y her parents she has been living a life of struggle and her only plea is that she could get a wheelchair to ease her movement.

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