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Student Caught While Trying To Use His Roommate For Money Ritual

A video has emerged on the internet indicating a student of the Ekiti State University (EKSU) by the name Saheed Adeniran been allegedly caught while trying to use his roommate pants and a few clothes for a money ritual.

The students who caught him have pleaded that people on social media should help them share the video so that the evil he planned will backfire.

Money ritual is a popular thing among some young Nigerians recently. Young men or boys who engage in this do it for what they term Yahoo plus.

Yahoo plus as the name goes in an advance 419 (yahoo) wherein the fraudsters don’t only try trick clients online by mere smartness but by spiritual means.

They use their girlfriends, parents, body parts etc to achieve this aim. All these they do to achieve quick and massive wealth.

The consequences are usually severe and sometimes lead to loss of life. There is truly no shortcut to success. Success comes through the grace of God, hard work, and patience.

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