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Kano Is A Sharia State, It Was Wrong for Shatu Garko to Join Beauty Contest, Says Kano Hisbah Board

The victory of Shatu Garko in the beauty contest ignited some reactions from people, especially in Kano, her own state of origin. Some people across the north-western part of the country frowned at her participation in the contest, describing it as a strange contest in the Hausaland. On the other hand, many northerners, especially the youths, celebrated Shatu Garko for becoming the 44th Miss Nigeria last week.

In what appears to be an unhappy tone, the Kano State Hisbah Board has expressed an intention to invite Shatu Garko’s parents for allowing their daughter to participate in what could be described as an illegal contest.

The Head of the Hisbah Board, Sheikh Ibn Sina, told BBC News Pidgin that Kano is a Sharia state and Shatu Garko is a Muslim from Kano, therefore, the whole issue falls under their jurisdiction.

This statement from the Hibah Board has generated reactions, especially on the social media space of the state. The moral police are known to be arresting citizens and punishing them for indiscipline, immorality and indecency. Recently, some Kannywood celebrities too were arrested and punished by the board while others were only cautioned. The questions people keep asking is how Hisbah police do not talk about indecency exhibited in weddings of government’s top officials.

In an opinion shared by Aliyu Bashir Limanci on Facebook, showing support and happiness for Shatu Garko’s victory, he stated that it is a progress for Hausaland having their daughters participating in such competition. He added that he would be happier to see a Hausaland where women become celebrated boxers, footballer and athletes.

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