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Visitor reveals what he overheard a mother telling her children while he was leaving their house

A Nigerian man has shared his unenviable experience with a mother and her kids, after visiting them at their house.

According to the man who shared his story via Twitter, he visited the family to spend time with them, and while he was leaving, he overheard the woman caution her kids about misbehaving in the presence of a visitor.

While cautioning her kids, the mother asked the kids if they would also misbehave the way they did if an ‘important’ visitor comes to the house.

Sharing his experience, he tweeted:

“Went to visit a friend this evening, as I was leaving, I overheard the wife telling the children; “visitor dey here, all of una come dey misbehave, if say na important person come visit us now, na so una for take embarrass me?”
No wahala, na me wey no dey stay one place”.

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