2023: Igbos Don’t Kneel Down or Prostate But This Time We Are Ready to Beg –Ex-Amanbra Gov, Ezeife

A former Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has said Igbo people are prepared to kneel down in every part of the country to beg Nigerians for a shot at the 2023 presidency.

He stated this on Saturday at the United for Better Nigeria Initiative National Convention in Abuja.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Ezeife said it was not a matter of the Igbos just demanding for the presidency, but working for it.

Noting that the Igbo man does not kneel down nor prostrate, he said they were ready to do so because they believe in Nigeria.

“The Igbo man does not kneel down but this time, we are prepared to kneel down to every part of Nigeria, every group, every ethnic group in Nigeria, we are prepared to even prostrate because we believe in this country,” he said.

He asserted that Igbo people have contributed greatly to the development of the country in terms of infrastructure, intellect and business, stressing that it was high time they had a shot at the number one seat.

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  1. Honestly, I don’t think they have to beg before they are given a shot at the highest office in the Country. The Igbos, as a major tribe have paid their dues in the Country. They were one of the 3 major tribes that fought for the Independence of the Country. The 2 other major tribes at one time or the other have produced the President of the Country. The Igbos that constitute the 3rd part of a tripod that held the Country together for a very long time should by right be allowed to produce the President in 2023.

  2. True talk sir, my Excellency, but not through force the way and manner all the south east governor’s declaration that both APC and PDP MUST pick their flag bearer from the south east. First, remove Nnamdi Kanu the masquerade with the iron stick in your front, and the second thing is, Carry this your NOBLE idea to all the nooks and crannies of this Country and seek for their mandate, why ? Because no region no matter your population and wealth cannot single handedly get to Aso Rock. With God on our side and do what I adviced, IGBO presidency will become a reality. The history of Nigeria can never be complete without IGBO. Many thanks.

  3. HE, DR Ezeife is a core son of Igbo land. He simply spoke the minds of Ndi Igbo and indeed, the minds of most Nigerians. showing that power is not just given but u work for it. For him, Igbos are ready and willing to go the extra mile to get the presidency in 2023. We will respect the culture and tradition of every ethnic nationality and group to secure their valued support for the presidency. Together as one, we work towards the same purpose : electing an Igbo man as next president of Nigeria in 2023. The unity of North and West against Igbos denied us the presidency and other juicy federal appointments, same unity in favour of Igbos will give us the presidency in 2023.

  4. This guy is making sense it was Azikiwe that fourth for Nigeria’s independent and became the governor for just 4 years then peacefully handed over to Shagari Good luck peacefully to Buhari now the north are now saying they are born rule ordained by who,truly the Igbos are humiliated. failure to give them this chance the problems will continue,this is mothern times they have opened their eyes.Thats my opinion if you are interested to listen to.

  5. Dr. Ezeife for me, has been one Igbo politician and elder statesman I hold in very high esteem’. But on this one he has misfired big time. He does not need to kneel and beg anybody to become Nigeria’s President come 2023. A President that ascends to office through begging will be a mere puppet in the hands of those who ‘dashed’ him the office, because it will not come without some stringent conditions.

    What the Igbo politicians should bother more about is how to attain unity among them and agree on one or two persons who will be positioned as arrow heads to lead the campaign. Pray, if those he’s yearning to beg come around and say okay now, come we’re ready to give you the presidency, what do you think will happen? There will be war among the Igbo politicians to determine who will go.

    What am I driving at? Dr. Ezeife and others should come back home and strife to put the ‘Igbo house’ in order. They should take a cue from what is happening now at the South West and in the core North. As we speak, they have lined up their choice candidates, waiting for the whistle of electioneering to blow. If it escapes Mr. Tinubu on account of age and perhaps religion, it will certainly go the way of VP Osibanjo. For the core North, if it escapes Alhaji Atiku Abubakar on account of age, it will certainly fall on the laps of the Sokoto Governor (Tambuwal). And the most interesting part is that they’re prepared to vote across party line. When shall we Igbos come down from our individual high horses and embrace this degree of unity and cooperation? When?

    For me that’s where the major challenge is. If we’re able to close ranks and work together as one people pursuing one goal – a President of Igbo extraction – it’ll then be easy to lobby (not beg) our brothers in the South South, South West, Middle Belt and even some segments of the Hausa community to support our ambition, because we’re not requesting for anything strange. It is well within our right to seek to occupy the highest office in the land, given the fact that we’re now the only geo-political zone that’s yet to occupy that seat. It’s simply a matter of equity and justice that the office of President be zoned to us. We need not ‘beg’ but we can lobby with a handshake across the Niger. This is my position!

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