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I Gave Money To 2 Beggars, But I Discovered They Sold It To Ritualists -Prophet Adebola Narrates

The Pastor & Founding Overseer of New Connection International Christian Center (NICC), Prophet Emmanuel Adebola, has narrated how he gave money to some beggars who eventually tried to harm him. Prophet Adebola narrated the incident during his interview on Asabe TV.

Experts have often cautioned against indiscriminate charity, as criminals now go about swindling people through disguising and pretending to need help. A clergyman has since narrated his ordeal with such people.

Narrating the incident, Prophet Adebola said, “I once visited a market where two people approached me for help. They told me that they recently got released from prison, and they had nothing and nowhere to go. I gifted them N1000 each while urging them not to spend the money on drugs. They later woke me up at night to let me know that I had paid my dues, and my enemy has permitted them to harm me.

I later discovered that both beggars got sent by ritualists to get money from people. The beggars obtain money from people and sell it to ritualists. I prayed, fast, and I became extremely cautious about giving money to people since the incident. People do not mind repaying your kindness with wickedness.”

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