Why Is Victony On Wheel Chair

One of the reasons I’m sharing Anthony Victor’s (aka Victony’s) story with you is that life is full of unknowns. If you’re like me and haven’t heard of this amazing rapper, now is the time to start. I’m delighted he’s still here, even if his health isn’t what it was three months ago. I’m confident he’ll be up and running in a few months and continue to provide us with great music.

Tobi Mohammed owns the Mainland Block Party record label, where the young rapper is signed. “Saturn” was released by Victony some time last year.

Because Victony is only an upcoming rapper who has been steadily making ripples in the background, he is absolutely waiting for his moment in the spotlight to arrive. This piece will focus on Victony’s plight following his car accident three months ago. The three things that most people probably don’t know about the accident. As I explain the tragic traffic accident that occurred below, please join me.

On April 26, 2021, Victony and 3 other of his friends (one female and 2 other males) were in a car coming back from the birthday party that was hosted by Oxlade, another fast-rising Nigerian singer, when they had a ghastly accident on their way home in Lagos. The lady occupant whose name was given as Doyin died, while Victony and the other 2 survivors sustained severe injuries on different parts of their bodies. The survivors were rushed to an unknown hospital in Lagos, where they were admitted into the intensive care unit.

Victony sustained fractures on his head and thigh region. The fractures he suffered in his thighs led him to be confined to a wheelchair. He had to shave his nice haircut to treat his head fractures and injuries. Three weeks after his accident, Victony underwent surgery to help him recover from his injuries. No information was, however, given about the other 2 survivors, but we believe they are probably doing fine now just like Victony himself.

Sadly, Victony is still confined to a wheelchair after more than 4 months of his accident. In one of his recent visit to the Mavin Records headquarters in Lagos, he disclosed to Don Jazzy that doctors assured him that he is going to walk again

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