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Depressed Man Jumped Into Water
From Third Mainland Bridge (Video)

A Devasting Incidents Took Place recently in Lagos State Nigeria as a young boy, believe to be at his earlier 20s Allegedly jumped Into water From Third mainland bridge.

According to the Video footage that was shared by Legitpost, the depressed man was seen sitting on the third mainland bridge while looking left and right, Unknown Man was heard at the background Question him what is wrong that him to sit at the bridge, but he never answered a word.

Before You Could know it, the young man jumped from the bridge Into the water and The who were present there were left in Bewilderment.

Ananymous gave more insight regarding the victim Below;

The guy in question is Olamilekan, he lives adjacent to my house in Epe with his parents. He left the house this morning around7.30am. The next we saw was his video on fb jumping in the water at Okorisan bridge via Tjunction in Epe

Watch Video Below:

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