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“She does evil things to hurt people”- Netizens dig out post made by Kemi Olunloyo’s son about mom on his birthday

Netizens have dug out an unfriendly and blatant post made by Kemi Olunloyo‘s son directed to his mother on his birthday.

Kemi Olunloyo Son Birthday

This is coming after Kemi Olunloyo affirmed that Sylvester Oromoni consented to join a cult and willingly drank engine oil as part of the initiation process.

This assertion however generated a lot of brouhahas online as individuals and fellow celebrities blasted her for meddling in such a sensitive issue.

Amid the recent happenings, a note penned by the journalist son on his birthday describing his mom as one who engages in evil with the aim of hurting others has resurfaced.

In the lengthy note, he also pointed at his mother’s philanderous lifestyle.

See the post below:

eni2171987 Here is my deep story after a year ago. My mother or should I say My former biological mother stop wishing Happy Birthday on Monday when the day I was born After 33 Years ago. After the last year we had arguement on the phone about her telling these Filthy Nasty Nigerans to wish me Happy birthday. And i dont Know them personally. It’s because my mom’s Flunkie Goons. After she should have Kept her big Trap Shut. Now look what she did? Telling Lies on Everyone. Especially she had no Compassion, Love, respect and no Nothing. All she does. Using me and my brothers as Pawns in her Game just to get what she wants Now i know for a fact that she does Evil things to hurt other People and me just cause everyone what’s to be her friend? No way.. The reason that she loves to be a Thor and a Whore. Just to sleep Around with random Dudes so she can get Pregnant. That includes my younger Days. After she send me away just to feel Trapped in Nigeria so they can kill me. But guess what? Im still here Doing Very well Working hard to get where im going And nothing will tear me down. As long as i move on with my life and God will protect me That’s it for my deep deep story

Kemi Olunloyo Son Birthday

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