My fiancee is a Pr0stitute But I Must Marry Her, Beacuse Of This- Man Reveals

My name is John, a 37-year-old man working and living in Lagos. I am not a happy man at the moment because my family are seriously against my fiancee after they found out that she worked as a prostitute.

My parents are what you will call born-again Christians and as such, they abhor anything they believe does not bring glory to God or capable of bringing shame to the family.

All through my life, they have kept drumming into me and my younger ones that anything we do must be acceptable to Christian tenets and whatever is not in the scripture is frowned at.

Until the middle of this year, I was engaged to be married to a lady whose parents are family friends and are also strong Christians.

Though I liked Lola so much and really wanted to marry her, she turned out to be a man’s worse nightmare. Lola is not only lazy but stubborn, insolent, a lousy cook, dirty and hot-tempered.

She is used to getting everything done for her by servants and she thought I should be at her beck and call.

When I could no longer cope with her insolence, I had to call it quits and after I dumped her, I decided I had to look for another woman and that was how I met Gladys.

I met Gladys in a nightclub and I knew she was a prostitute but after one month of dating her, I fell in love with her because apart from the job she does, Gladys is the dream of any man.

She told me the circumstances that led her into prostitution and that she was ready and willing to dump the shameful trade.

I have been dating Gladys now for six months and she has turned out to be just the type of woman I need in my life.

She is educated, intelligent, enterprising, respectful, and industrious. Since I started seeing Gladys, she has stopped hanging out at clubs and has proven to be quite a decent girl but since my parents found out that she was into prostitution, they do not want me to have anything to do with her.

They have sworn never to give their blessings but I have also made up my mind that I must marry Gladys because she is now a changed woman and has made me so happy.

My question now is: what is wrong in marrying a prostitute if she is ready and willing to change?
I am ready to damn the consequences and get married to her but my father has vowed to disown me and remove me from his will if I do that.

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