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“I Am Innocent, The People Who Witnessed Against Me in Court Died After” -Onwuche Narrates

A 68-year-old ex-convict, Innocent Onwuche, has narrated how he spent 28 years on death row over a crime he knew nothing about. Onwuche narrated his ordeal during his interview with Vanguard News.

Narrating his ordeal, Onwuche said, “I was working as the cook to a professor in Oyo State when a man, Balogun, introduced some scammers to me. I did not know the nature of their job. The scammers had told me that they changed someone’s life by giving him a black soap, but I was uninterested. I was on my way to the market when the same people stopped me and scammed me of N17,650. I later attempted to recover my money with the help of security officers to no avail. Not only that, but I got arrested after that incident, and I later discovered that someone attacked one of the scammers with acid. The acid attack killed the victim two months after they scammed me.”

Narrating further, Onwuche added, “I did not try to recover my money after the first attempt, yet I was their prime suspect in a murder case. I got charged to court, and the first witness claimed that the deceased had claimed that I came with three people to carry out the attack. The second witness claimed that I reportedly carried out the attack alone. The third witness was the wife of the deceased, and she died while trying to do something about her pregnancy. The first witness died a week after giving the testimony. The second witness, Bala (son of the deceased), also died. Their interpreter also died. The case transpired during the Abacha government. I later got convicted by hanging. I acquired various skills in prison, and I am innocent of the case.”

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