Blessing CEO Reacts To Video Of An American Man Who Said Men Enjoys Hunting For Women (Video)

Popular Nigerian çelebrity Nikiruka Okoro best known as Blessing CEO is a relationship therapist/ expert, entrepreneur, influencer, and social media personality. A few minutes ago she took to her verified Instagram page to react to a video of an American TV presenter identified as Steve Harvey’s massage.

According to him, he noted that the woman should expose to the man that which he can get and also make him imagines that which he can have with her. Furthermore, he stated that men do enjoy hunting for their women as he affirms that when it becomes difficult for them to catch a lady, it however gives them the room to treat her better. In conclusion, he stated that when they find it easier to win her, at that point she is as well not regarded.

This single mother of two who seem excited to have heard what the presenter said politely stated that this has been her challenge. As she says that this has been the exact message she is been preaching all the while, and instead people will be saying that she is divorced and likewise unhappy, as she said it is because she is not sharing photos of her man online.

Furthermore, she affirms that she is so glad that it is now coming from the mouth of this famous personality who is a superstar. In conclusion, she however recommends that ladies should allow the men to pursue after them as she finally stated that if do not want to do that then they should stay away.

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