I Am Married But I’m in Love With My Boss- Lady Laments

My name is Brenda, a 36-year-old mother of three. I have been married for 10 years now but I must confess here that I have fallen out of love with my husband while I am madly in love with my boss who is also a married man.

I know some readers will come for me, insulting me and calling me all sorts of names but I will implore you to read my story with an open mind before calling me names.

As I said, I have been married to my husband, Benjamin, for 10 years and when we exchanged our vows, I never thought there would come a time that I would ever contemplate looking at another man.

And I have been keeping this vow all these years while my husband had refused to keep his. I found out quite early in our marriage that Ben had been cheating on me with reckless abandon and never cared about what I felt.

Ben is so promiscuous that he sleeps with any woman that comes across him without a care. He does not spare them not minding if they are married or not, educated or illiterate, polished or local.
My husband has slept even with neighbours’ housemaids and even with one of the wives of our landlord when we lived in a rented apartment some years ago.

He has even slept with prostitutes and hawkers and all through this, I have maintained my home and marital vows till he got a sales girl on our street pregnant and her parents forced her to marry him.
Aside from cheating on me, Ben has also been beating me whenever I challenge him. He would beat me so bad that at times, I would end up in the hospital.
While going through this pain, the only person I was able to open up to was my direct boss who was always willing to give me a shoulder to cry on.

Whenever Ben beat me, my boss would be there for me. There was a time I was hospitalized for two weeks and my husband refused to come and see me nor pick up the bills. My boss was the one who used to come and see me and paid the amount the hospital billed me.
It was then no surprise that over time, I began to have feelings for my boss and I knew he also felt the same about me. One day while working late and everyone had gone, my boss came into my office and we started talking.

Before we knew it, we found ourselves in each others’ arms where we kissed long and ended up making love on my table.
Since then, we have been stealing every opportunity to have sex and every passing day, I feel drawn to my boss and I must tell you that I am madly in love with him.

He too feels the same way and we have been talking about divorcing our partners and getting married.

Am I doing the right thing? If I divorce Ben, do you think my boss will also divorce his wife?

Dear readers, on True Confession today, Brenda is in a serious love dilemma and needs our advice.

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